Best places to go for breakfast in Copenhagen + map [2024]

Looking for the best spots to go for the best breakfast in Copenhagen? Look no further!!! 

Copenhagen has got to be one of my favourite European cities! The beautiful architecture, endless range of activities, as well as the welcoming atmosphere and moderate climate make it the perfect spot for a weekend getaway.

I also know that no getaway is complete without sampling the local cuisine, and even though dinner is the more traditional way of doing this; personally, my favourite option is to sample local breakfast options! Oh and don’t forget most of these places are also well known and recommended for offering some of the best brunch in Copenhagen if a 9am wake up isnt your thing!

Breakfast offers a much more informal dining experience and great start to kick off a day of exploring. That’s why today I wanted to share six of my favourite breakfast spots in Copenhagen you simply have to try when visiting the city. 

breakfast in Copenhagen

Best places to go for breakfast in Copenhagen

1. Ø12

Location: Ø12 actually has two locations now in Østerbro and Vesterbro but the one in Østerbro is the original.

One of my fave spots for the best breakfast in Copenhagen is Ø12. The perfect spot for a delicious brunch and morning coffee. This delightful spot was created by locals Kasper and Enete a pair who thought their neighbourhood didn’t have a good enough brunch spot, so they created their own!

Ten years on and now with a second location Ø12 is one of the must eat spots in Copenhagen. They reserve tables in both of their locations specifically for walk-ins, so you don’t have to worry about phoning in advance to eat. 


2. Bowl Market

Location: Gasværksvej 3, Vesterbro and Willemoesgade 31, Østerbro

Bowl Market is definitely the place if your looking for a healthier breakfast option! The name itself describes most of the menu, with a mouthwatering selection of acai, porridge, and granola bowls available!

You can even make your own with a selection of different toppings to choose from or choose one of their signature bowls. They also offer plenty of gluten free and vegan options so everyone can enjoy brunch here! 

Everything here is also designed to be international with the menus written in English making it easy to choose what you want, although don’t be afraid to try out your Danish with the friendly staff!  Another recommended place to go for the best breakfast in Copenhagen.

bowl breakfast in Copenhagen

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3. Wulff and Konstali

Location: Wulff and Konstali has four locations around Copenhagen- Hellerup, Nørrebro, Amager, Islands Brygge.  

Wulff and Konstali is great for those looking to try a little bit of everything! Famous for their brunches and well known as one of the best breakfasts in copenhagen, here you can choose to order between 5-7 options from their menu to create your very own mini brunch buffet.

From tasty pastries to delicious smoothies, granola, eggs and bacon, and freshly baked bread you are definitely not going to be hungry after a visit here! Booking isn’t necessary here; however, I recommend going early in the day to avoid disappointment and waiting around! A great spot to do brunch in Copenhagen.

breakfast in Copenhagen

4. Les Trois Cochons

Location: On Værnedamsvej street in the centre of Copenhagen

You probably weren’t expecting to take a trip to Paris in the middle of Copenhagen however that is just what Les Trois Cochons offers!

This Parisian style bistro has a delicious French inspired menu ready to provide you with a taste of Paris to start your day! Here you can enjoy a delicious selection of eggs and freshly baked bread or start your day like the French with an espresso and buttery croissant!

Les Trois Cochons is well known for its high quality food and reasonable prices making it a great stop off for the best breakfast in Copenhagen before you head further into the city to explore!

breakfast in Copenhagen

5. Union Kitchen

Location: There is two Union Kitchen cafes that offer brunch ‘The Union Kitchen City’ in Store Strandstræde and ‘The Union Kitchen Østerbro

The Union Kitchen is perfect for those looking for a hip place to enjoy a hearty breakfast. When it opened Union Kitchen quickly became a hotspot for locals who enjoy its location in the heart of the city as well as the trendy atmosphere and it’s easy to see why!

Here you can enjoy a range of options, but its most famous breakfast in Copenhagen include the hangover bacon cheeseburger and the brunch plate, perfect to help you recover from a night of partying in the city. This is the place if you are looking for the best brunch in Copenhagen!


6. Sidecar

Location: Side car can be found in Skyttegade 5

Sidecar must be one of the most unique dining cafes I have come across! During the day this place offers a delicious breakfast buffet with every dish you could think of, whilst at night it is taken over by MaoBao a Japanese street food restaurant!

But lets stick to brunch for now! When you enter Sidecar, you are greeted by a huge cold buffet of all the breakfast dishes you could ask for; and if that’s not enough you can request any number of delicious warm options directly from the kitchen!

From fresh salads, to pancakes, to eggs or chia bowls, there is something for everyone on the menu, including plenty of vegetarian and vegan options! Add this place to your bucket list of the best best breakfast in copenhagen!!! 


Have you been to any of these breakfast in Copenhagen? What was your favourite? Let me know!

breakfast in Copenhagen

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