Bucket List

Sophie’s Suitcase Bucket List

  1. Rent a Camper van and travel down the East Coast of Australia
  2. Hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu
  3. Climb Kilimanjaro
  4. Learn to surf
  5. Travel on the Belmond Pullman Train
  6. Surf in Bali
  7. Become a Divemaster
  8. Visit Jerusalem and Tel Aviv
  9. Go skiing in New Zealand
  10. Go on safari in Sri Lanka
  11. Visit Namibia
  12. Fly over the blue hole in Belize
  13. Go cruise in Alaska
  14. Go to the Christmas markets in Edinburgh
  15. Visit Vineyards in Argentina
  16. Learn to Snowboard
  17. Become a pro at skiing
  18. Travel to Cappadocia and Istanbul
  19. Listen to music and eat lots in New Orleans
  20. Relax in Santa Monica
  21. Paddleboard on Lake Tahoe
  22. Eat pasteis de Belem in Lisbon
  23. Visit the British Virgin Islands 
  24. Swim with the pigs in Bahamas
  25. Watch a baseball game in Vancouver
  26. Eat hot dogs in Philly
  27. Watch the Toronto Raptors basketball game 
  28. Travel the Galapagos Islands
  29. Travel to every continent: Asia, North America, South America, Europe, Australasia
  30. Visit the Masai Mara
  31. Stay in Hotel Grand Tremezzo
  32. Full Moon Party at Koh Phangan
  33. Elephant Trekking
  34. Hot Air balloon ride at sunset
  35. Visit Kefalonia and relax for a weekend
  36. Host my own private tour with a tour company
  37. Visit at least 5 of the Caribbean islands: St Lucia, Aruba, Barbados, Bahamas, Antigua
  38. Cruise through the Norwegian Fjords
  39. Do the BIG FIVE safari
  40. Safari ride in Africa visiting the animals
  41. Stay at Giraffe Manor
  42. Stay 5* in the Maldives and stay in an above water villa in The Maldives
  43. Drive route 66 in a campervan: the ultimate American road trip
  44. Hit up Las Vegas
  45. Watch the Haka
  46. Take the Bullet train from Tokyo to Kyoto
  47. Eat at The Rock restaurant in Zanzibar
  48. Visit the stunning city of Seville
  49. Drive the roads of the Amalfi Coast
  50. Visit the gorillas at Bwindi NP Uganda
  51. See Machu Picchu
  52. Spend Christmas and New Year on a beach with a BBQ
  53. Visit the Masia Mara
  54. Stay at Jade Mountain
  55. Eat Sushi in Toyko
  56. Visit the Serengeti
  57. Go interrailing across Europe
  58. Explore the Ngongoro Crater
  59. Island hop in Fiji
  60. Do a full RTW trip and persuade someone else to come with me…
  61. Travel and stay at someone’s house I have met whilst travelling
  62. Visit all the wonders of the world
  63. Go tubing in Laos
  64. Get a tattoo!
  65. See the Great Wall of China
  66. Wine tasting in the Douro Valley
  67. Get some clothing handmade in Hoi An, Vietnam
  68. See S21 and the Killing Fields, Cambodia
  69. Visit Angkor Wat, Cambodia
  70. Visit the temples of Bali – there are lots!
  71. Take a dip in the Blue Lagoon
  72. Travel alone, with mates and with a boyfriend
  73. Take a cruise!
  74. Travel somewhere on an organised trip
  75. Visit the Grand Canyon
  76. See Iceland and the waterfalls
  77. Visit Scotland, explore the lochs and stay at Eagle Brae
  78. Go skiing in most major ski-friendly countries in Europe and beyond: France, Switzerland, New Zealand
  79. Stay in a 5* villa on a resort in somewhere classy
  80. Visit the beaches of Phi Phi
  81. Find a completely deserted island
  82. Soak up the scenery of Halong Bay, Vietnam
  83. Kayak round Halong Bay
  84. Trek a huge distance with a massive backpack round Vietnam
  85. Get on a 24 hour train journey
  86. Spend days travelling from one place to the next without stopping….
  87. Learn to speak Spanish
  88. Sail around the med on a boat
  89. Stay at The Fallen Angel in Cornwall
  90. Stay at Whitepod in Switzerland
  91. Go skiing at Utah, Solitude
  92. Take a trip to the wonderful island of Hawaii
  93. Stay in Atoll Rangiroa, French Polynesia
  94. Get my groove on in Nashville
  95. Live the life in Santa Barbara
  96. Take a trip in a helicopter
  97. Experience a hop on, hop off bus
  98. Eat, drink and be merry in Lisbon
  99. Explore the lesser known areas of Florida on a road trip
  100. Visit the city of Philadelphia USA
  101. Stay at Reethi Faru Maldives
  102. Stay at The Kulm in Switzerland
  103. Explore more Sweden, especially the countryside and take a weekend in Gothenburg
  104. Join a wellbeing weekend with Casa Fuzetta
  105. Explore Costa Rica
  106. Camp in a jungle
  107. Drink wine in Chile
  108. Take a weekend break to Paris with the best friend
  109. Visit the pyramids of Egypt and ride a camel
  110. Do 12 countries in 12 months
  111. Do 5 countries in 5 weeks
  112. Visit Byron Bay
  113. Buy a DSLR
  114. Take a long weekend trip to New York!
  115. Take a USA Southwest Road Trip
  116. Dive or snorkel on the Great Barrier Reef
  117. Spend a year working somewhere else in the world
  118. Eat Tapas in Barcelona
  119. See and explore South America
  120. Climb the Great Wall of China
  121. Go swimming in the Blue Hole in Belize
  122. Do some build work in an underdeveloped country
  123. Work at the Australian Tennis Open
  124. Travel across India
  125. Head to the desert in Oman
  126. Visit the Colosseum in Rome
  127. See the lights of Hong Kong
  128. Swim in the rooftop pool in Singapore
  129. Go skiing in Canada
  130. Sleep on the floor of a house with only a mosquito net.
  131. Do a cooking course
  132. Run a half marathon
  133. See two continents in one day in Istanbul
  134. Go to the Amazon rainforest
  135. See the Northern Lights in Finland
  136. Stay in Dubai and feel like a queen for a few days
  137. Go to Glastonbury Festival
  138. Go to a festival in the UK every year
  139. Visit Auschwitz, Poland
  140. Travel the trans-Siberian railway
  141. Road trip around Western Canada stopped in Vancouver, Alberta, Banff, Jasper and Whistler
  142. Take an outdoor bath in Budapest
  143. Go to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland
  144. Go on a cruise
  145. Discover paradise islands of Islas Cies, Spain with a friend
  146. Dance my way in to a Rio carnival
  147. Climb Sydney harbour bridge
  148. Visit Petra
  149. Spend a day cruising round Milford Sound for the day, New Zealand
  150. Watch sunset in Santorini
  151. Go sand-boarding
  152. Visit the ruins of Easter Island, Chile
  153. Go to Oktoberfest, Munich
  154. Visit Boracay Islands, Philippines
  155. Buy a GoPro
  156. Take a sailing trip round Whitsundays, Australia
  157. Explore a new religion
  158. Stay in a log cabin in the English countryside
  159. Swim with dolphins
  160. Climb a mountain
  161. Fly over the Great Barrier Reef
  162. Visit 30 countries by my 30th birthday…
  163. Visit Tonga
  164. Road trip around the USA




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Sophie X



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    My Bucket List – UPDATED | The Nomadic Backpacker
    08/12/2014 at 10:40

    […] Hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu […]

  • Reply
    11/19/2014 at 11:43

    78 – visit Petra – could not urge you to do this any more – it is truly wonderful.

    Love your bucket list, it makes me want to get my backpack back on and travel again (five months of being home and I’m already getting itchy feet again!)


    • Reply
      12/11/2014 at 08:11

      Travel more! Ive just returned only two days ago and I am already planning my next trip! xo

  • Reply
    Whitney Ruby
    09/14/2018 at 11:15

    Hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu… highly recommend. I even got engaged on that hike!

    • Reply
      Sophie Davis
      10/04/2018 at 16:14

      Oh amazing – what great news!!! Congrats!! xx

      • Reply
        Whitney Ruby
        10/13/2018 at 12:30

        And got married in Slovenia! All AFTER I turned 30 ;P

  • Reply
    11/21/2018 at 02:23

    100: See the Himalayas 🙂

  • Reply
    George Hammerton
    04/07/2020 at 20:34

    What a fantastic list, feel utterly inspired to write my own now – genuinely, my epic bucket list starts now. 🙂

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