10 best coastal cities of Italy + map [2024]

Italy has got to be in my list of top ten countries! And there are so many amazing Italian coastal towns just waiting to be explored.

I just love everything it has to offer, from the delicious food to the history and culture and my favourite part the beautiful countryside and outdoor spaces it has to offer. And some of these beach cities in Italy are well worth a visit!!!

With so much to see and do it can be hard to pinpoint one location to visit! However, for now I wanted to stick with my favourite of Italy’s gorgeous coastal spots and towns just waiting for you to explore! There is so much to explore on the Italian coast, keep reading for our favourite spots!!! 

 Italian coastal towns 

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10 Best Italian coastal towns + beach cities in Italy

1. Cinque Terre

Location: Northwest of Italy, within Liguria

Best for: Walking, Picturesque Scenery, Seafood

I wanted to start of my list of best beach cities in Italy strong with the beautiful Cinque Terre (literally meaning five towns) in the Italian riviera. This area is part of the UNESCO Cinque Terre national park, and it is easy to see why!

Along with admiring the scenery on a hike between towns; Cinque Terre is also a great spot to try some of the local seafood caught just off the shore! You can choose to stay within one of the fishing towns or just plan a day trip travelling through each one by train or boat.

It is also possible to walk between all the towns, however, check local signage because some of the paths close due to bad weather and conditions.


2. Bosa, Sardinia

Location: Island of Sardinia

Best for: Warm weather, beautiful town

Bosa, may be Sardinia’s best hidden gem! This town is known as one of Italy’s most beautiful areas with colourful houses, an ancient castle and both sea and river views.

There is plenty to explore in Bosa, from the various museums and churches to the local fauna and flora. Bosa is also home to various impressive festivals throughout the year which are worth checking out if your holiday aligns with one. One of my favourite Italian coastal towns and a great beach city in Italy!! 


Italian coastal towns

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3. Puglia

Location: The southern peninsula bordering the Adriatic Sea.

Best for: Natural landscape features, traditional Italian food

If you want a little bit of everything for your trip to Italy, Puglia is definitely the place for you! Here you can stay surrounded by traditional olive trees, historic churches, and beautiful coastline.

Some of Puglia’s best features include its impressive cave system which is well worth a visit, and Castel del Monte an octagonal castle that can be seen from miles away.


Italian coastal towns

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4. Amalfi coast

Location: Southern Italy overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea and Gulf of Salerno.

Best for: Mediterranean landscape

If you are looking for a traditional holiday by the sea Amalfi is the place to go.

The gorgeous landscape here has an evergreen feel with the beautiful golden beaches and clear ocean. It can be a bit of a magnet for tourists however, if you avoid high summer then you should be good to go.

There is plenty to keep you entertained in Amalfi whether you enjoy taking a leisurely boat tour or exploring the surrounding town. Make sure you add this Italian coastal town to your bucket list!!!


5. Procida, Bay of Naples

Location: Bay of Naples, Island on the South Eastern coast

Best for: Escape the crowds, local feel, history, and culture

Procida, is the smallest inhabited island in the Bay of Naples and unlike its popular neighbours Capri and Ischia; Procida has managed to remain relatively laid back with a more local, less touristy feel.

This has by no means effected the options available to travellers though; with plenty of local activities as well as a range of different hot spots and attractions.

If you want to keep moving on your holiday why not try island hopping between Procida and its neighbouring islands, all of which provide stunning backdrops for your stay.


Italian coastal towns

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6. Sperlonga, Lazio

Location: Between Rome and Naples on the Southern Lazio coast

Best for: History, nature, and beaches

Known as one of Italy’s most beautiful villages in Italy, Sperlonga is the perfect place for those looking for a sun and sea themed break.

The waters around Sperlonga are home to a huge variety of marine life making it the perfect place for those who love the sea or want to try their hand at a bit of scuba diving! Don’t worry though if splashing around isn’t your thing, because the town also has a huge array of history and cultural exhibits to keep you occupied for hours.

The Archaeological Museum of Sperlonga is a must visit for those interested in Roman mythology, you can even explore Tiberius’ coastal grotto (the summer home of one of Rome’s most famous emperors!) Whatever, you interest is Sperlonga has something for everyone. A favourite of my Italian coastal towns!


Have you been to any of these Italian coastal towns? What was your favourite? Let me know!


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