Common Packing Problems and How To Fix Them


Packing is an important aspect of travel planning but it is common for packing problems to arise. There is always a smart way round packing, so as long as you are a clever packer and follow these top tips then you’ll be ahead of the rest and ready for anything.

It’s true – roll everything. Your t-shirts, trousers, shirts and shorts. I love making the most of my space so when I realised rolling meant you were left with more space; it was a win-win. Oh and it stops your clothing from getting wrinkly in your suitcase or backpack.



Don’t go and lose any of your pre-planned toiletries, liquids or medicines by not packaging them correctly. Grab a see-through plastic food bag and put all of your 100ml liquids in the bag. You will only end up spending your precious money when arrive if you’ve lost your deodorant, shampoo and make up at the security gate.



It’s the thing I hate the most – detangling my earphones every time I hit the road, which let’s be honest is a lot when you are on the move. Simply roll your earphones up in to a multi-loop and then clip them with a hair clip. It will stop them moving around so much in your bag and wasting 20 minutes of your life.



Getting mugged or having your belongings tampered with whilst you are on the road is never fun and can leave you feeling vulnerable. My little trick whilst I am on the road is stashing money (notes) in an empty deodorant tube or a pack of cards. If they don’t think your clever they won’t even look at your deodorant stick!



If you are anything like I was the first few trips I did in Southeast Asia I wanted to bring back anything and everything I could both for myself and my friends and family. This little shopping problem however did set me back a couple of hundred quid when I was over my weight limit at Bangkok airport on the way home. Moral of the story is don’t buy everything, pick goods carefully and only buy the souvenirs you actually love.


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