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My Favourite Places to Eat in Aruba

If you guys know me, you’ll know food is one of my favourite things in life. I am fascinated by food, flavours and the delicacies. Aruba was no different, it delighted me with the variety of cuisines available all…


The Ultimate Guide to Orlando USA

Imagine a destination where all of your dreams can finally come true. You have landed in Orlando, Florida. Traditionally associated with theme parks, Disney and childhood memories, Orlando now attracts tourists of all types including families, couples and girls weekend…

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Visiting South America

Before I’d left all I’d heard was horror stories about central and South America. Robberies, hijackings, murders. People thrive off exaggerating stories, and they get worse each time they are told. However, I’ve never felt safer, even as I…


5 Tips for Travelling Around America

Hi I’m Mel from JustMelKate and Sophie has kindly let me take over The Nomadic Backpacker today to share some tips for travelling around the USA as I have recently just returned from a trip myself. Here are my…