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kayaking spots uk

The best places to kayak near me UK [2023]

Do you want to try out kayaking but not sure where to start? I’ve pulled together a list of the best places to kayak near me in the UK, and near you! As summer quickly approaches and the weather…

new zealand hiking

The best day hikes in the world [2023]

Are you an avid hiker? I’ve compiled a list of the best day hikes in the world, based on my personal experience and recommended by you. Hiking is one of the best ways you can explore a different countries…

mount snowdon routes

10 highest mountains in England [2023]

Ever wondered what are the highest mountains in England? Well this blog post will answer that question. England may not be a country renowned for its mountains, however, this doesn’t mean there isn’t some amazing trips to be had…

ACAI activewear

REVIEW: Acai Activewear Casual Stroll Pants

Since lockdown, my entire life has revolved around being outdoors. I have fallen madly and deeply in love with nature again and the more time I started spending hiking, walking and kayaking, I realised I needed to invest in…