Teeth Whitening Aftercare // How to maintain your smile

There are many benefits to having a healthy, attractive smile and one of the most popular cosmetic procedures to achieve this is teeth whitening. But what happens when you go home? Here is my overview of teeth whitening aftercare for maintaining your smile.

This is a quick and simple treatment designed to correct tooth discolouration by gradually lightening the natural shade of your teeth with long-lasting results.

I also go in to a little more detail later on about how much whitening teeth at the dentist costs.

A recent study highlighted that 22% of Brits would get their teeth professionally whitened, with a further 10% reporting that they already had undergone treatment.

Therefore, if you’re one of the millions considering adding an extra sparkle to their smile, here is some helpful teeth whitening aftercare advice to maintain your white smile following a visit to the dentist.

teeth whitening aftercare

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1. Avoid enamel-eating drinks

 After teeth whitening, it is advised that you do not drink any type of fizzy drinks like lemonade, or fruit juices for at least 48 hours as these can lead to tooth erosion due to the high levels of acidity in them. Red wine, coffee and tea are also culprits of staining and darkening the colour of your teeth.


2. Use a straw

However if you’re a caffeine addict who can’t stay away from a cup-of-joe in the morning, then be sure to use a straw to avoid any liquids touching those pearly whites.

Why not buy your own metal straws as these can be easily cleaned and reused for you to take wherever – perfect for drinking on the go!


3. Eat Soft, light-coloured foods

During the teeth whitening process, whitening agents penetrate the surface of the enamel which leaves them dehydrated and vulnerable to absorbing darker coloured foods – red berries, tomato sauce and chocolate.

Eating softer, lightly coloured foods such as rice, yoghurt, eggs, chicken and cheese (a good source of calcium) will reduce the likelihood of staining. After the 48hr period, you can try eating vegetables and fruits like celery, apples and carrots to help neutralise any bacteria forming in your mouth.


4. Brush & floss

Of course, proper oral hygiene is the best way to keep your teeth healthy and white. Brushing with flouride toothpaste twice a day alongside using floss to remove plaque between your teeth will ensure they look their absolute best.


5. No smoking

Smoking is not only bad for your teeth, but there are lots of risks related to the habit that can have a negative effect on your overall health. If you’ve just had your teeth whitened, then picking up a pack of cigarettes defeats the purpose of the treatment. To avoid yellowing and bad breath, look for alternatives like nicotine patches and mouth sprays, or seek advice from your doctor on how to stop smoking altogether.

teeth whitening aftercare

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk from Pexels

6. Touch-up appointments

Depending on your lifestyle and diet, you may want to consider touch-up appointments every 6 months should the brightened colour of your teeth begin to fade over time. Find a local dentist like Ten Dental that can provide a number of cosmetic dental treatments and teeth whitening aftercare advice in London to patients who want to restore their smile.


7. Enjoy your new smile

Teeth whitening has the power to completely transform a person’s appearance and boost your confidence! Remember to take on board this post-treatment advice so that you can enjoy your smile now and into the future!


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