10 Hygge Things to do in Copenhagen

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One of the most commonly-used words in Denmark has no English translation. Hygge, pronounced hoo-ga, is often translated as cosiness. But to the Danes, hygge means a lot more than that. Deeply rooted in the Danish culture, hygge is about living in the moment and spending quality time with friends and family.

Enjoying delicious food or a great cup of coffee, having a good time with loved ones or creating a cosy atmosphere, usually by lighting candles. That’s hygge. It even has its own adjective, as in: “This restaurant is so hyggelig” or “It was hyggeligt to meet you.”

The high season for hygge of course is Christmas. Hygge is the main ingredient in the recipe Danes use to cope with the cold winters and at the same time, hygge is a key element to finding the holiday spirit. So if you are looking to visit Copenhagen during Christmas time, we have put together a list of top 10 Christmas hygge experiences in the city, including inspiration on how to enjoy Christmas hygge at home.

Have a hyggelig time at the Christmas markets
What can be more hygge than walking around all the Christmas stalls with your friends or family shopping Christmas presents, trees, decorations and sweets while the smell of sugar roasted almonds f…

Keep warm with a cup of Gløgg
To keep warm and create Christmas hygge during December, the Danes drink Gløgg, a Scandinavian Christmas punch. Gløgg is basically made of mulled red wine along with various spices, raisins and sli…

Make your own Christmas ornaments
A big part of the Danish Christmas hygge is about decorating your home with Christmas ornaments, candles and Christmas elves.

Ice skate your day away
Ice skating is a great way to experience Christmas hygge. Embrace your inner child and just have fun!

Make your own Christmas candy
Making your own Christmas confectioneries and eating it too is a big part of Danish Christmas hygge.

Enjoy a Christmas concert
Hygge refers to the special feel of warmth and togetherness, the kind of feeling which can also be created by listening to good music.

Eat your heart out at a Danish Christmas lunch
Another great part of Christmas hygge in Denmark is when friends, colleagues or families gather for a traditional Christmas lunch, or ‘julefrokost’.

Watch a Christmas ballet classic
The Christmas hygge can easily be experienced if you turn to an old classic.

Cook your own Christmas dinner
Christmas hygge goes hand in hand with cooking and eating traditional Danish Christmas food.

Copenhagen Christmas Festival
Christmas traditions and Christmas hygge are so important to the Danes that we even had to make the festive season into a festival.

Have you visited Copenhagen at Christmas? Make sure you do if you haven’t already as it’s magical! Let me know when you go…


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