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sleep benefits

10 reasons sleep is so important for your health

In a world of fast-paced, busy lives sleep often becomes forgotten, or drops down our priority list. I know from personal experience when I feel stressed and don’t get enough sleep I then struggle to focus, stay on track,…


A Guide to Women’s Health [2021]

It is no secret that as women we take on a lot of roles in our lives, from caregivers to providers, from mums to partners. It is hugely important that we look after ourselves and take the time to…

private healthcare

An Ultimate Guide to Private Health Insurance UK

Being covered by a health insurance policy can be a cost-saving option if you decide on getting private treatment for an injury or illness. But choosing health insurance can be a complex process. Health insurance in the UK can…


Bootcamp Weekender at Body & Mind Reboot

Last month on a sunny Friday afternoon after work Theo and went put ourselves through our paces for a weekend boot camp with the lovely ladies that run Body and Mind Reboot in Bedfordshire. With both of us living fast-paced,…