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10 Long Flight Essentials for Flying in Economy

After years of travelling, I have mastered packing. I also have nailed carry-on packing and my long flight essentials. I have been thinking about this time last year, sitting on a beach in Bondi with my sunglasses on and…


What to pack for a Ski trip

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been counting down to your ski holiday for months and now the time has finally arrived to start packing. Here is a definitive list of what to pack for a ski holiday or…


Packing for a weekend in Yorkshire

Last weekend I drove three hours up the M1 to Richmond in Yorkshire. We were staying at the wonderful Brompton Lakes, part of the Holiday at Home family. We went up there with our best friends Tom and Sophie…


Common Packing Problems and How To Fix Them

Packing is an important aspect of travel planning but it is common for packing problems to arise. There is always a smart way round packing, so as long as you are a clever packer and follow these top tips…