INSPIRED: Sarah Highfield, yoga guru and blogger

Sarah Highfield is a London-based yoga teacher, born in Hong Kong, and came to the UK when she went to boarding school.  She began her working career in travel PR before quitting to pursue her real passion, yoga!  Sarah is passionate about enjoying every moment that life gives you and she also loves to travel in her free time.


What inspired you to become a yoga teacher?

I have been practising yoga since I was 21 years old, I have always loved both the practice and how I feel after.  I had always thought about becoming a yoga teacher but never took the next step as I was worried it wouldn’t be sustainable as a career and it was too competitive.  Eventually, I was sick of sitting behind a desk all day and wanted to do what I really love.

Where is the most beautiful place you have practised yoga?

Probably in the Alpujarras mountains in the south of Spain.  It’s beautiful there with unspoilt views which go for miles and miles.

What is the one quote you live by…?

Even if you stumble, you’re still moving forward.


If someone reading this wants to get in to yoga what advice would you give them?

Start slow, focus on how you feel in each pose and move with awareness.  Find a good yoga studio or teacher who can guide your safely through your practice.

You are always on the move! Where will your trip next trip be taking you?

I’m going to Antigua in 6 weeks’ time.  I will be there at the beginning of December for some Winter sun.  I went there earlier this year and was so impressed with how beautiful the island is.


Where is your favourite place to truly relax?

On an empty beach.

What is your favourite gadget when you are on your travels?

My iPhone – I’m always chatting with my family and friends on What’s App, it takes great photos and I have my music playlists on there too.

Are you a coffee or a tea kind of girl?

I like both equally! A black coffee with milk or an herbal tea – those are what I drink.


What are your five top travel experiences to date?

This is a tough question because I have so many amazing travel memories but I’ll have a go:

  • Driving from Boston to Miami and seeing the whole of east coast USA
  • Sailing from Split to Dubrovnik in Croatia and stopping off at beautiful, unspoilt bays
  • Sailing from Marsh Harbour to Georgetown in the Bahamas
  • Sailing in Queensland, Australia
  • Travelling all around Cuba

Many people these days’ struggle to maintain a good work-life balance. I know I have done in the past! What advice would you give someone who doesn’t feel like they have it quite balanced?

I would tell them to make it happen! Don’t let work dominate your life, you only live once so enjoy yourself.  Don’t become a slave to your job.


Wellbeing is a big topic of conversation at the moment. What top tips would you give someone in order to look after their body, both physically and mentally?

Physically, I would say to keep moving, don’t become one of those people who catch the bus one stop.  Regular and moderate exercise is key.  Mentally, keep your mind stimulated, read a good book, do crosswords, visit museums etc.

And finally, who is your ultimate travel partner?

My best trips have been with family and friends.


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