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REVIEW: Yvonne and Guite

Canelé ◆ | ka’nle | n. (pl. -s) fabulous French treat, originated over 300 years ago, characterised by a unique and deletectable texture with a soft and tender interior and a thin caramelised crust, traditionally flavoured with a vanilla and a…


Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2015

I only went and bloomin’ won!    Rewind to this time last year and I had just started blogging properly about my travels to a wider audience. I was on the road across Australia and New Zealand after graduating university…

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10 of the Best Dive Sites in the World

Once you’ve stuck your head under the water at a dive site, it is something that will stay with you forever. Discovering an underwater world is like nothing else on this planet and leaves you completely speechless. Whether you are…

Los Amigos Beach Club

A week at Los Amigos Beach Club

Remarkably refreshing with an ideal location, Los Amigos Beach Club offers a Spanish retreat amid a tapestry of lush green foliage and well-manicured gardens. A simple layout, this resort is almost an Andalusian village in itself providing peaceful seclusion…


Snowboarding on a Saturday

Snowboarding on a Saturday, well what else would you do on a random Saturday in September?!   I have skied many times before and I love it, but I had never even considered snowboarding until my friend Sophie mentioned…


REVIEW: Foxcroft and Ginger

Soho’s backstreet café delight       Located around the corner from Piccadilly Circus, Foxcroft & Ginger sits on Berwick Street on the cusp between Soho and Covent Garden. The little café may not look much from the outside but…


5 Books You've Got To Read Before Christmas

FYI Christmas is only 12 weeks away…. A well written travel book can fill you with awe, wonder and wanderlust and also inspire you to book that flight to that unknown destination. There is nothing more inspirational than reading a…

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App Review: Laundrapp

Last month I was asked by Laundrapp, your local dry cleaning app, to trial their service. As a lady I don’t actually dry clean that much, usually I only get expensive dresses from Whistles dry cleaned but I knew my…