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REVIEW: Smokeworks, Cambridge

“In the heart of Cambridge we’ve smoked, pulled, brined and seasoned classic BBQ food and paired it with beer & bourbon. It’s crammed into 2 floors of funky and industrial seating. Delivered Fast. Eat-in or take out. We now take bookings for groups of 10 or more.”

smoke works

SmokeWorks plugs a gap between great fine dining and fantastic street food right in the centre of town – it’s great food, but quick and not too pricey. Their slogan is Slow Food. Fast. and that makes it the ultimate pre-theatre, post-work or shopping break lunch spot.

You can sit down, eat and be out again in half an hour if you need to be and can come away stuffed and content for under £15. Dining is informal, diner style with a button to turn when you are ready to order so there’s no waiting around trying to catch a waiter’s eye. I really loved this touch it made sure service was quick and efficient.



Theo and myself both had burgers, I had the pulled pork burger and Theo had the pulled chicken burger with sweet potato fries. Both of the burgers were amazing (we shared) and full of flavour. Something about the smoky pulled pork with the pickled sauce inside mean’t that one just wasn’t enough. I will certainly be going back again in search of those flavours!

The menu is a small but simple and includes burgers, sides and ribs. But it works well and I think for what it is it doesn’t need much more added to the menu. The burgers are around £9-£10 and include fries which is reasonable for the quality of service and the quality of the food – so I would happily pay that again next time I am in Cambridge.


smokeworks 2

It is a small little restaurant which doesn’t look like much from the outside but the food, the staff and the atmosphere inside is great and it is why I know this little gem should be recognised. The feel of the place is industrial chic with craft paper menus, lots of exposed wood and retro signs  .

Overall, a great great restaurant and I will 100% be coming back again!


Restaurant Review Smokeworks Cambridge: SmokeWorks, 2 Free School Lane, Cambridge | | @SmokeWorksBBQ


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