A photo diary through Iceland

Last month me and Katie spent four wonderful days in Iceland, exploring the south of the island, as well as visiting all of the tourist hot spots along the way. Here a very short and sweet photo diary through Iceland of my time in this incredible country. Iceland is the place of the moment, and it’s also one of the most Instagrammable places in the world with waterfalls, glaciers and beaches. I’m obsessed with Instagram (but isn’t everyone?!) and try to publish photos to my Instagram account @sophiessuitcasetravel every single day. When going on trips, I usually research the most beautiful, impressive and photogenic places and try to visit them all, so I can bask in the moment and grab a load of photos for Instagram. 

The country has exploded over the past decade with more tourists than ever heading north to the wonderful wintery island. Within the space of a few years, and a great PR campaign behind it, it went from being a tiny, unknown island in the Arctic that only adventurous travellers would visit, to an extremely popular tourist destination that’s on everyone’s bucket lists today. And unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would have seen pictures of this wonderful country all over social media and travel blogs inspiring you to check out this winter wonderland once and for all. Read all my posts from Iceland here.


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  • Lynn DAVIS
    05/13/2018 at 15:12

    Looks fab. Can’t wait to go.

  • Lynn DAVIS
    05/13/2018 at 15:12

    What’s the best time of year to go to see the northern lights?

    • Sophie
      05/15/2018 at 13:33

      I’d go in December!