How I lost 2 Stone in 2 Months (28lbs)

After a highly successful first month on Cambridge Weight Plan and loosing 1 stone or 14lbs, Viyana had told me that my weight loss would start to settle, now I had lost my highest amount of weight and I had lost a lot of water weight. I was okay with this and continued my journey with the plan on Sole Source.

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Cambridge Weight Plan

I began at this point adding in some greenery to my meals, as I was really missing salads, vegetables and fruit. I made sure I used the booklet provided when I started and google a lot about Keto diets. I added in spinach, tomatoes and celery to my Sole Source diet. This is not something CWP suggest you do, but I could not go another month without a piece of plant in my diet, so I added it to my plan anyway.

The first week I got weighed I had only lost 1lbs – now I am told this is normal after a big weight loss and Viyana did tell me some weeks would be more than others, and some none at all. I was confused and did not know why – but after talking it through with Viyana we realised I may have gained more water weight that week, and I had been wearing jeans for my weigh in, as opposed to a dress the week before. By being able to talk it through with Viyana, it settled my confusion, and I got back on track with CWP.

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On my second week, just as promised, I lost another 4lbs (and I even had a Nandos that week too, oops!), my third week I lost 4lbs, and fourth week I lost a massive 5lbs. I was back on track, and I had lost my second stone of the plan. I had now lost two stone in two months!

In my second month, I lost most of my weight around my tummy, and other inches were lost around my arms, waist and hips. In addition, I jumped down from BMI obese to overweight – as well as jumping down a dress size from a size 16 to a size 14/12.

I am now starting my third month on CWP and I am now moving on to step 3, from step 1, incorporating real food such as salads, vegetables and greens back in to my diet.

Wish me luck!


*I am no expert on weight loss, or Cambridge Weight Plan and I am doing this weight loss plan for me, and no one else. I didn’t feel happy or comfortable before my weight loss, I was eating to fill a void, and I had put weight on over three years due to mental health issues and panic disorder. I wanted to get back to feeling myself. This plan works for me, but it won’t work for everyone, so do your research.