5 Things to do Near Vic Sur Aisne

Some of the families we met whilst in Vic Sur Aisne didn’t leave the site once, except to visit the supermarket, and that’s fine for them. But being the adventurers me and Theo are, we needed to get out, and explore the local area. La Croix du Vieux Pont is the perfect base to explore Northern France, as well as being only an hour from Disneyland Paris.

  1. Pierrefonds Castle

Built in the 14th century Pierrefonds Castle is a beauty both on the approach in to the town, and from the inside. The castle was taken down in the 17th century, and re-built by Napoleon 3rd who was attempting to build the ‘dream’ castle. The castle is a fun few hours for both adults and kids, with lots of history, and stories. You get to wander around the castle from top to bottom, and there are some great views from the top across the town. Fun fact: it was also the castle that BBC’s drama Merlin was filmed in. If you are a European citizen, and under the age of 26 you get free access – yay!

  1. Disneyland Paris

I don’t really need to write about Disneyland as you already know what it is, and that it is well worth a visit whilst staying at La Croix du Vieux Pont. Think Main Street USA, Mickey Mouse, It’s a small world, Peter Pan, Frozen, Popcorn, castles, Indiana Jones, and everything in between and there you have it – where the magic happens! You can read all about my tips for visiting Disneyland Paris here. And make sure you book your tickets with Attraction Tickets Direct here.

  1. Paris

A visit to France isn’t finale until you’ve stepped foot in the city of love. Paris is a city that delights and surprises, whether it is visiting the famous Moulin Rouge, climbing the Eiffel Tower, dodging the traffic at the Arc de Triomphe or indulging in a glass of France’s finest champagne by the Louvre. You can jump on a train in Crepy-en-Valois which only takes 35 minutes in to Gard du Nord.

  1. Soissons

Soissons located to the east of Vic Sur Aisne, is the nearest large town. Soissons is home to a gothic era cathedral built in the 12th century, an abbey and shopping district with cute cafes. There is also a weapons museum, an old fort and an Arsenal, as well as Chateau de Berzy-sec. It is the go to place for local markets and larger supermarkets, as well as the nearest place to get petrol.

  1. Reims

Reims is a city in North Eastern France Grand Est’s region. It is the unofficial capital of the Champagne region and many of the well-known champagne houses headquartered there offer tastings and cellar tours. Here you can find tours and tastings at houses such as Veuve-Cliquot, Tattinger and Mumm. All take you down in to the cellars where they let you try some of their wonderful fizzy liquid. And if you are after some culture, head to Reims Cathedral. Every single French king has been crowned at Reims Cathedral and is well known for its beautiful architecture.

  • Tanja (the Red phone box travels)
    October 11, 2017 at 10:10 am

    sounds like a great base to explore a lot!