Where to stay in Israel (inc. Jerusalem, Tel Aviv + Dead Sea) [2023]

Wondering where to stay in Israel? Look no further, as we delve deep into the amazing and varied options of where to stay in Israel.

Whether you’re looking for where to stay in Jerusalem, where to stay in Tel Aviv or where to stay near the Dead Sea, this extensive list will be the guide you need.

Dependent on your budget, hostels despite being cheaper than hotel rooms are still not as cheap as ones you’d find in Asia for example. Couchsurfing is a popular way to meet locals as well as saving on accommodation.

Having said that, there are hostels that offer discounts on tours or include breakfast so you save on something here and there! Do remember prices heavily fluctuate around Jewish holidays. Here are some places to check out, but please aware some prices are changing due to COVID.


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Where to stay Jerusalem

Abraham Hostel Jerusalem is one hostel within the Abraham Hostel chain, throughout many cities in Israel including Eilat, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.  They’ve got an open rooftop too where you can have some drinks and meet some great people. They are behind Abraham Tours which you can jump on to experience the best of Israel. Subscribe to them for discounts!

Dorms from: Approx. £19/night

Privates from: Approx. £60/night


The Post Hostel is a great choice for couples who want to combine the traveller lifestyle with some time to themselves.

Dorms from: Approx. £24/night

Privates from: Approx £91/night


Despite the fact that there are some truly beautiful hotels in Jerusalem, they’re pretty expensive. Alegra Boutique Hotel provides luxury at a more affordable price. It’s a short walk from the Old City and has a beautiful rooftop. Perfect for couples!

Rooms from: £160/night

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Where to stay near the Dead Sea (Ein Gedi + Masada)

HI Massada Youth Hostel/Guesthouse is located at the bottom of Masada, making this an excellent for those wanting to climb it for Masada and offers a swimming pool to cool off in afterwards.

Currently closed due to COVID and prices are not updated. Please check back later


Ein Gedi Hotel was founded by guests FOR guests, offering tranquil settings in a peaceful location. 

Rooms from approx. £167/night



western wall

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Where to stay Eilat + Negev

Araba Hostel provides a lovely stay for travellers, featuring a beautiful garden in an excellent location.

Dorms from: £16/night

Privates from: Approx £55/night


City Suites offers comfortable accommodation with colourful decor, in a charming neighbourhood. 

Rooms from approx £47/night


Prima Music Hotel is located just yards from the beach and features a quirky musical theme per room as well as pool and spa facilities if you’re not fancying a beach day.

Rooms from approx £97/night


Where to stay Mitzpe Ramon + Sede Boker

Unfortunately, the Green Backpackers Hostel seems to be permanently closed – which is a shame, as it was extremely popular. I would look back in a few months and the situation with COVID has affected opening times. If this is unavailable I would look at Desert Shade Eco-Tent camp, built with sustainability at its core. Prices will be available from March 2021.


Where to stay Tel Aviv

HaYarkon 48 Hostel is perfectly situated for great views on the rooftop and located next to the action if you’re looking for a fun night out. Also offers a nice breakfast which is always highly appreciated when it’s free!

Dorms from: Approx £14/night

Privates from: Approx £35/night


Little Tel Aviv hostel provides a lovely Shabbat dinner on a Friday night and is well known as one of the best hostels you can stay at in Israel – voted on Hostelworld too!

Dorms from: Approx £22/night

Privates from: Approx £76/night


Sea Executive Suites are a lovely choice for those looking to splurge a little, situated on the promenade for outstanding beach views and featuring stylish rooms.

Rooms from: Approx £126/night


mountain side israel

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Where to stay Netanya

I personally would recommend an Airbnb to relax in, with views over the beach in Netanya. Prices are reasonable and it will give you ample time to relax! 

Prices vary from approx. £60/night


Where to stay Haifa

Yaffo 82 Guesthouse is pretty popular with backpackers. It’s located in the German Colony, and features comfortable rooms, free wifi and a garden to relax in. 

Currently closed due to COVID and prices are not updated. Please check back later


Haifa Guesthouse is located really close to the beach, and is a short walk to nearby restaurants and bars. 

Rooms from approx £72/night.


Golden Crown Haifa is a beautiful hotel, perfect for those looking for some luxury and wanting to feel pampered. Views from the hotel overlook the Bahá’í  Temple and rooms are tastefully decorated, spacious and even come with coffee machines in the rooms. 

Rooms from approx £135/night

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Where to stay Tiberias + Galilee

Sea of Galilee, Susita Beach (avoid national holidays as it gets loud) pitch up and enjoy!

Pitch from £16/car


Tiberias Hostel offers accommodation for backpackers looking to socialise and explore the surroundings. Rooms are air-conditioned and there is a shared kitchen to prepare food in, as well as a rooftop with views over the city.

Dorms from £17/night

Privates from £45/night


Panorama Hotel provides pretty basic accommodation and is an option if you don’t mind skipping on luxuries. If you’re simply looking for a clear base, with good value for money, then this is a good option.

Rooms from approx £44/night


Astoria Galilee is another option if you’re looking for mid-range accommodation (yes, I’m throwing in an extra one for you backpackers!) Featuring a swimming pool to cool off in, a 20-minute walk from the Kinneret and a good breakfast if you fancy, this is a great base to stay before you move onto Safed.

Rooms from approx £94/night


Prima Galil Hotel is located in Tiberias, in a prime central location with views over the Kinneret. I really like how spacious the rooms are here, and the lively decor. They also offer a very good breakfast with their rate.

Rooms from £97/night

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Where to stay Safed + Tzfat

Murtle the Turtle Guesthouse has rooms with mountain views and is located a few minutes on foot to the artist quarter!

Rooms from £79/night


Rosentalis Hotel is a stunning place to stay in Safed. The decor is modern, location is excellent and there is free parking available for those that have driven up.

Rooms from £112/night


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