13 Top Tips for Working From Home (+20% Figleaves Discount Code)

If you are after some tips for working from home, you are in the right place. Working from home has become a sudden reality, with the rise of offices shutting during the Coronavirus outbreak (and generally with more and more people owning their own businesses or looking for a flexible work-life balance. 

But remember it’s not an easy transition if you’ve spent years sat at a desk, as I did for six years, suddenly working from home can throw your routine, sleeping pattern and mind out of control. 

It may sounds great when the idea comes in to your mind, but it can be challenging and can take some time for you to adjust. 

Staying motivated, and not getting distracted are the problems I struggle with the most. And often I find myself not getting as much done, whilst working from home, as I’d like.

I have worked from home for over two years now part-time and I just wanted to share tips I have learned during this time. 

In this blog post I am sharing some of my top tips for working from home, which will lead to increased productivity, a good posture and healthy life. 


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tips for working from home

12 Top Tips for Working From Home

1. Building your space

If you have space within your home for a desk, use it! It is really great to create separate spaces so that you differentiate between workspace and living space. I live in a fairly space cottage so there is not an abundance of space to work with. But in the recent weeks me and Theo have bought a second desk and put one desk in our living room, and one on our landing area so we can both work from home, but in separate spaces. 

2. Invest in loungewear

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3. Get plenty of fresh air

Make sure you get lots of fresh air when you are working from home. I would recommend opening the windows at regular intervals to help air circulate throughout your home. Making sure that air quality is not compromised is very important and if you’re living with someone unwell be sure to allow fresh air through the house regularly. 

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4. Structure your day

I find the most useful thing for me is to plan my day in to chunks. Make sure, especially if you are working at a laptop for most of your day, make sure you get breaks in, take an hour lunch and go for a walk. And you could also schedule in tasks in to block periods. e.g. email XX at 9.15, schedule social media between 2pm-3pm. 

  • Wake up and meditate
  • Have a cup of tea and look at structure for the day
  • Start work at 9am
  • Coffee break at 11am
  • Have a lunch at 12.30pm and head off for a walk after 
  • Continue work for 3 more hours
  • Finish work at 4pm – 5pm
  • Turn off all technology
  • FaceTime your friends for wine night (virtually)
  • Spend your evenings relaxing with a book, bath or podcast

5. Clean up your surroundings

A tidy space is great for your mental health so I always try to clean up after the day working from home. I would recommend putting things away when you’re not using them and unplug and turn off any electrical equipment when it in use. And also make sure you clean the space regularly, you are now living and working from home, so spaces will become dirty quicker than if you were out all day. 

6. Plan your day the night before

I find this tip really useful as it totally refocuses my mind and allows me to turn off for sleep. Most people finish a working day with lots still going on in their heads, and often is remains running around our minds well into the evening and sometimes at night. A top tips for working from home would be to plan your schedule for the day the night before and write it down, so you stay accountable. It gets everything out of your head and on to paper, so you can rest better. 

7. Limited your TV usage

Prolonged TV watching means you are inactive for longer periods of time and this alone may make you feel unmotivated, potentially put on weight, and include muscle wastage in extreme cases, especially the young and the elderly. So definitely make sure you limit your screen time, as it can put pressure on your eye muscles too. Use the TV in good ways by doing home exercise classes, yoga or hold a Netflix Party!

8. Eat a healthy varied diet

The more colours you can eat, the better. Always remember to stick to a rainbow diet, especially when you are spending a lot of time inside and looking at screens. Keep your meals small and regular rather than eating large portions a couple of times a day, as it aids digestion and elimination (bowel movements) when you’re less active. 

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9. Finish work two hours of bedtime

My top tips for working from home and something I’ve really not done well over the years is finishing work two hours before bedtime. I have often finished work at 10pm or even 1am sometimes and I have then got in to bed straight away and then I have so much whizzing around my head in to the early hours of the morning.

If you work for yourself, you 100% need to set some boundaries as it can be really easy to not switch off and over work. But remember how important sleep is – it really is as important as physical health. Make sure you check out some of my sleep guides for more advice on sleeping!

10. Keep hydrated

You and your family must all keep well hydrated by drinking plenty of clear fluids, warm or cold, it doesn’t matter. If you become unwell with flu- like symptoms it’s best to drink warm liquids so as to help soothe the chest and soften the mucus.

11. Talk to friends and family

Friends and family are only a phone call or video call away and having a chat and seeing those that you love can really help break up the day and lower your anxiety and boredom levels. Your kids will love a video call with friends while they’re unable to play together at this time. Making work calls is also positive, and increases Your productivity and feeling of connection If you are still working from home.  

12. Get ‘ready’ for work (shower and dressed)

The thing I have found most useful is getting showered and dressed every morning and how beneficial that is to focusing my mind to being ready to work. In fact as I write this blog post I have not showered today as we went out for a walk this morning and then I got distracted by work and now it’s 6am – eurgh I hear you say. And it’s true – I have felt grumpy all day, and dirty, like I need to freshen up. You can also add your skincare routine in to this as normal, as it’ll make you feel more alive and awake first thing in the morning. 

13. Get enough sleep!

Sleep is so important for our minds, bodies and souls. I would recommend getting a minimum of 7 hours a night, as it can really help boost the immune system and help keep anxiety levels down. If you are having trouble sleeping try having a warm bath before bed, spray some lavender or listen to a sleep story on the Calm app. I would also suggest listening to some mediation guides or practicing deep breathing for 10 minutes before bed can do wonders for a restful sleep. 

Sophie xxx

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