Experiencing the Sentaku Menu at Paris House Woburn

On a cold and dark Friday afternoon, I visited the cosy, yet decadent Paris House Woburn for a blogger lunch with a group of inspirational ladies; Hayley from Southwood Stores, Alice from More Than Toast and Becky from Pinks Charming! 

Paris House is an elegant and truly unique restaurant set in the stunning 22-acre deer park of the Woburn Estate in Bedfordshire. We were treated to the incredible Sentaku Menu which was simply divine, and included an array of nibbles, alongside a starter, main and dessert. The menu is expertly crafted by Executive Chef & Owner, Phil Fanning and wife Claire, providing a sensational dining adventure using seasonal and quality local ingredients.

You enter through a grand stone arch and drive past assorted deer to the house itself. The dining room is simply decorated, carpeted and with fairly well spaced tables covered in white tablecloths. At capacity there are typically just 32 diners, though there is also a private dining room and a chef’s table too.

Paris House Woburn is the perfect setting to enjoy exciting food, fabulous wines and Great British Hospitality. Phil was brought into Paris House as Head Chef in 2010 by the 10 in 8 group by mentor and friend Alan Murchison.

Paris House Woburn

Paris House Woburn

The History of Paris House

We were hosted at Paris House by the wonderful Jo, who showed us our table and explained more about the history of the building. The history is just as interesting as the food… Pris House was originally built in 1878 as part of the Paris International Exhibition called ‘The Streets of Nations’ on the Rue des Nations in Paris.

It was boarded on each side by 28 pavilions representing 28 countries. The 9th Duke of Bedford fell in love with the building, had it dismantled, shipped and rebuilt in the grounds of Woburn Abbey. On arrival at Woburn, its fascinating history continued, playing its part as a tonsil hospital, staff accommodation and a bolt hole for Winston Churchill when he was at Bletchley before becoming a restaurant in 1983.

The restaurant has had a refurbishment recently, and it’s as beautiful on the inside as the outside. The sumptuous dark colours and plush velvet make it inviting and cosy. There is even a lovely little Christmas tree at the moment, as we go into the festive season. As well as the cosy restaurant downstairs, there are two private dining rooms upstairs, for eight to 14 people.

So are you intrigued by Paris House Woburn?

Paris House Woburn

Paris House Woburn

Paris House Woburn

The Sentaku Menu

To begin our dining experience through the Sentaku Menu at Paris House Woburn, we began with some drinks, and I opted for (typically) a gin & tonic. We were then served some ‘nibbles’ which included Beetroot, Goats Cheese and Cranberry Macarons, Mini Falafel with Tzatziki and a Bloody Mary Vodka shot with tomato essence. The Bloody Mary was delicious, and so refreshing. We were also served some amazing homemade bread, with the most incredible marmite butter!

Then after we’d finished our nibbles, we were served some wine, I opted for white wine, and our starters. I chose the specials option, due to my fish allergy, the Pumpkin Kobacha Gnocchi with Black Truffle and Sage. The dish was amazing, with so many flavours, and textures! I especially loved the truffle, as it added an extra dimension to the dish.

For mains I chose the Roast Loin of Venison and came served with Black Pudding, Chicory and Hazelnut. I love Venison anyway, but this dish was incredibly tender and the venison was delicious. The addition of the lback pudding was the icing on the cake for me, adding a really deep flavour to the dish.

And of course, for dessert, which is always my favourite course, I chose the Bauble! This dish is new to their menu, and it certainly delights! It is a chocolate festive bauble made of ruby chocolate, with a delicious spiced orange and blackberry filling.

I was so impressed with their wonderful menu, and I can’t wait to come back again to Paris House Woburn in January for a New Year treat!

Paris House Woburn

Paris House Woburn

Paris House Woburn

Paris House Woburn

Example Menu




    Ponzu Cured Mackerel with Kohlrabi & Scallop Cracker

    Sauvignon Blanc -Ribolla Gialla, Vinska Klet, Slovenia, 2018


    Glazed Abalone, Crosne Artichoke & Mushroom Bonbon

    Pinot Noir, Rouge des 2 Cerfs, Dopff au Molin, France, 2018


    Miso Butter Sauce, Cauliflower & Caper Berries

    Albarino Coral do Mar, Pazo do Mar, Spain, 2018


    Gingerbread, Red Cabbage & Quince

    Kydonitsa, Monemvasia Tsimidi Winery, Greece, 2018


    Braised Jacobs Ladder, Brown Shrimp & Morning Glory

    Durif, Berton Vineyards, Australia, 2018


    Artisan Cheeses & Garnishes

    Supplement – Individually or to Share – £12 / £18


    Eggnog, Coconut & Lime

    Cremant de Loire, L’Extra Langlois, Langlois-Chateau, France, NV


    Spiced Loaf, Dates & Squash Butterscotch

    Recioto di Soave ‘La Broia’, Roccolo Grassi, Italy, 2015



£57 per person, lunch only

6 Glass wine pairing £53 per person

4 Glass wine pairing £39 per person

A discretionary service charge of 12.5% will be added to your bill.

All menus are subject to change due to seasonality and availability of ingredients.


Paris House Woburn

Chef’s Table at Paris House Woburn

Set in the heart of our kitchen our iconic Chef’s Table is the perfect place to experience an unforgettable culinary adventure. You will be hosted by an award winning chef who will entertain and enlighten you about the ingredients and processes within an award winning kitchen. You’ll watch a service in full flow, taking in the sights, sounds and smells of a busy professional kitchen. The table can seat up to eight people, however it is solely reserved for you and your guests once a reservation is made. Choose from our 8 course tasting menu with a £25 per person surcharge, or the full 10 course Chef’s Table package below.


Paris House’s new Christmas menus are now being served. There are six, eight and ten courses available, starting from £54, with the option to add a wine flight.

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