5 things to do before backpacking Europe

So you’ve done your research, written your bucket list, saved up all the money you need, got all the gear and finally booked your flights, but what is next? Firstly, head over to my collection of posts all about backpacking Europe. And then start making your essential to-do list before heading off on your big backpacking adventure.

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Backpacking Europe Things to do

1. Arrange transportation to the airport

Don’t start your trip with a missed flight and make sure you arrange for a parent, family member or friend to take you to the airport for your departure. Or if everyone is at work, book a taxi and make sure you leave more than enough time to check-in, drop bags and get through security. Arrive at the airport no later than two and half hours before departure. Or if taking public transportation, figure out exactly how to get there if it’s your first time; take delays and getting lost into consideration.

2. Buy travel insurance

We all know that travel disasters can happen to anyone, but you should know that backpackers face a few risks that other travelers don’t. But what is travel medical insurance? It’s so incredibly important to have the coverage you need without a lot of extra expense. Here are the four main areas of coverage that are useful to you as a typical backpacking traveler: Medical expense coverage, Baggage coverage, Passport/credit card coverage, Emergency evacuation coverage.

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Backpacking Europe Things to do

3. Sort out your visas

Research the visa requirements for your first arriving country a few months in advance. If you’re lucky, the visa will be granted on arrival at the airport. But if not, make sure you have enough time to get the appropriate visa while you’re still home as each country has different application times.

4. Set your phone up for travels

Turn off your mobile data roaming and buy a local sim card (if you need one) – usually you can get a way with using the hostel Wi-Fi and many major tourist cities offer free Wi-Fi especially for visitors

5. Get packing!

This is an obvious one but just as important! Make sure you plan ahead as your backpack will be your home for the next year or so as you travel around the world. Pack all the essentials and if there’s room take some home comforts too!

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  • lynn
    10/07/2018 at 07:57

    Get all your relatives phone numbers in your phone and check that you can use your phone for free in all countries you are going to. Check telephone numbers relating to all bank cards/insurance and money.