Top tips for planning a staycation [2023]

Are you planning a staycation? With everything so up in the air right now, destinations flipping from amber to red in a moment’s notice, and everyone’s plans in a state of purgatory, the idea of a staycation is becoming far more appealing.

But what makes a great staycation? It isn’t always five star luxury, plush sheets and champagne on speed dial. It means comfort, adventure and connecting with your loved ones close to home.

Whether I am exploring the Cotswolds, or travelling to the Lake District, I always look for unique staycation accommodation in the UK.

If you’re looking for ideas that you can stick to without getting on a plane, read on.

north wales

1. Go camping

Camping is an easy option for many holiday goers. Pack a bag and head in any direction. Maybe you’ll head to Sussex to enjoy the sandy shores and calm waters of the Camber Sands beach. Or combine a love of beach life with city life and head to Brighton.

You can follow a trail like the North Coast 500 and make a road trip of your holiday, discovering gems all over the country.

Or you can have a go at glamping. All you have a to do is open Airbnb and marvel at the bizarre and beautiful staying options you have. Do you want to stay in a treehouse? A converted plane? Or a simple and romantic log cabin? The choices are endless.


2. Head on a city break

Now that things are starting to open up, there’s finally something to do in the city. The clubs, the museums, the gigs, the restaurants: they’re all coming back. If you’re still nervous about hitting all these highly populated areas, take a look at Staysure, which is offering Coronavirus travel insurance.

London is the obvious tourist attraction, with its Palace of Buckingham and big red buses, but everyone in Britain knows there’s more to see, for less money.

Music fans should head north for the home of modern rock: Manchester. So many massive names have come from Manchester. From the obvious Oasis to Joy Division, The Smiths, The Stone Roses, The Chemical Brothers.

There’s always someone new to hear in the music capital of Britain. And if you were one of the girls in the front row screaming due to Beatles Mania – or wanted to be – you can head to Liverpool for an entire city dedicated to the fathers of modern music, plus a couple of other iconic Scousers, like Cilla Black decorating the streets.

In Dundee, you’ll be in the heart of print media, with classics like Oor Wullie and Dennis the Menace spotted all over. Visit the first V&A museum outside of London and enjoy its many other galleries.

Head to the home of Shakespeare himself, Stratford Upon Avon for a step back in time. Walk through a perfectly preserved Tudor village and see The Comedy of Errors the way it was supposed to be enjoyed in The Royal Shakespeare Company theatre.

whitstable coffee

3. Abroad, but not abroad

And if none of that suits you, you can dupe yourself into going abroad. Take a sleeping pill, get on a train or ferry, pretend it’s a flight and, wow, suddenly you’re in Japan or Portugal.

It turns out Britain has a number of doppelgangers that will make you think you’re far enough from home to clear your mind.

For example, The Isles of Scilly are the southernmost point of Britain, giving it a more tropical climate and creating beaches of fine white sand and turquoise water, rather than the murky brown everything most British beaches offer.

And if you jump back into the mainland and head to St Ives you can see coastal architecture that will have you thinking you’re in the Mediterranean.

Head to the Isle of Skye for a colder climate that is just as beautiful. The cliffs with their rushing waterfalls will have you thinking you’re exploring the hills of Iceland.

The Isle of Skye is also steeped in mythology, with the Fairy Pools being a popular swimming option, and the Old Man of Storr said to mark the grave of a fallen giant. A great addition whilst you are planning a staycation. 


4. Go on an adventure

One of my favourite spots for a UK staycation is the Lakes! When it comes to rest and relaxation, you will struggle to find somewhere more relaxing than the lake district.

Surrounded by nature and tranquillity, you can let your worries melt away as you amble through the countryside, explore historic villages and landmarks, or even participate in some of the best hikes in the UK.

Furthermore, there are plenty of accommodation options available in this region – from cottages to hotels to campsites and motorhomes – depending on your personal preferences. 

motorhome scotland

5. Off to the beach

Are you looking for a weekend UK staycation? Use this Cornwall itinerary! And make a weekend break in Cornwall top of your list.

Cornwall is the ultimate UK staycation with its mild climate, breath taking scenery and long stretches of sandy beaches. Located on the southwestern tip of the United Kingdom, it offers tourists moorlands, beaches, cliff faces, great cuisine and much more.

There are so many places to visit in Cornwall, and you can use my guide below to help you decide where to go in Cornwall, where to stay in Cornwall, where to eat in Cornwall and much more. Use this guide as a Cornwall itinerary for your weekend in Cornwall. 

Check out my blog post on spending five days in CornwallI hope you enjoyed these top tips for planning a staycation. 


If you on a bigger trip exploring more of Europe check out my guides to France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Portugal, Spain and United Kingdom.

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For accommodation, I usually book most of my hotels or hostels through I love using this platform as it provides me with some amazing deals for accommodation all around the world. Or if you prefer, I also recommend using Airbnb. 

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