My Favourite Women – International Women’s Day

As it’s International Women’s Day today I wanted to pull together a post which is a little bit more personal.

I thought I’d share a post about the women in my life who consistently inspire me creatively and personally, whether it is in my work or home life. I am so grateful for these wonderful women, and admire you all in different ways. You guys are the best….


1. My mum

You are my absolute world. You are my best friend, my confidant, my therapist and best of all, you’re my mum. You have always been there for me no matter what, and no matter what trouble I have gotten myself in to over the years you have always been supportive. When I was a teenager we clashed a lot, but this was mostly due to us being so similar in our personalities. You are the one person in my life I trust completely and wholly, and you are the one person I turn to when I have news or need comfort. Mum you are the greatest, you are the best mother I could have ever asked for. I can’t wait to spend even more years together, whether it’s at home over the festive period or travelling around the world visiting spa retreats (cos everyone knows how much we love a good spa day!). Thank you for being you, for being honest, and for being there. It means more than you ever know, knowing I have you. I love you.

2. Katie

Where do I even start? You are my ultimate travel partner, my fun friend and my supportive network all rolled into one. We’ve have been best friends since first year at university after we ended up being placed in halls together, and from day one I knew you were a good’un. You are kind, thoughtful and so friend-orientated. We then spent three years together, living in halls and then two years in our second and third year house in Nottingham, with our other girlfriends Grace, Jade and Amy. I had some of the best times of my life in that house with those girls and I wouldn’t do that experience any other way. Then post-university we ventured to Australia and New Zealand for four months. We had such a wonderful time, and even got pissed off at each other along the way, I mean who doesn’t when they’re with someone 24/7!? That’s true friendship! I’d probably kill Theo if I spent that much time with him… And then since returning from our incredible trip, we’ve stayed close despite the distance, seeing each other every few months, and travelling together when we can. Katie you are a wonderful human, and I am so grateful and lucky to have her in my life. Next up, Iceland…

3. Arabella

You may only be six years old, but you are already one of my best friends. You have the ability to make me laugh instantly, and when I say laugh I mean belly laugh. You are the kindest and most loving little girl I have ever met. It’s an odd concept having a step-daughter and being a step-mum, as you have to play two roles, strict mum and fun friend all at the same time, but you make it so bloody easy. We have bonded so much over the last five years, and you have made me and Theo’s relationship so easy when it comes to time spent with you at the weekends. You are happy to pack your suitcase as much as me and Theo, and I love that you are becoming a little traveller like me. You adore exploring new places, and love connecting with other people from all walks of life too. You ooze confidence and I know already you’re going to be successful in life. You will go to university, get an incredible job, and, as you always tells me and Dad, it will mean you can get a Lexus and two mobile phones. Cos obvs that is life goals!

3. The girls

Katie deserved her own # because she’s the bestie, but I couldn’t not include my other girls; Amy, Grace, Melissa and Amy. You guys are also the best. You’ve been there through some of my darkest days, from break ups to dickhead boyfriends, to holding my head above the toilet after a mental night at Ocean, and we’ve laughed so much over the years. You girls are life! You made me understand what friendship was really about. When I left sixth form I had a close group of friends, but I never realised how great friends could really be – you guys really are my rocks. Thank you for always being there, we are all so different but that’s what makes it so much fun.

4. Harriet

My longest and oldest friend, Harriet, you are one in a million. I don’t even know where to start, after 16 years of friendships. There’s been boyfriends, arguments, baking days, trips to the supermarket at midnight, dancing to High School Musical, Virgin Active Fridays, and so much more. You are less like a friend and more like a sister, to me, you’ve always been there. Most of my teenage years include moments of laughter spent with you, at your house mostly, but also at school or ‘in town’ on a Saturday. From day one we were the bestest of friends, and you were my only friend for a long time. You wanted to be my friend when no one else did, and for that I am eternally grateful. And now there’s a new bubba joining the ranks and I am so incredibly happy for you. I love to to the moon.

5. Sophie

I am so glad Tom and Theo introduced you in to my life. You are smart, ambitious and I love your honesty. I have also admired you more than ever over the past 12 months whilst you have been suffering with panic attacks. Which sounds like an odd thing to say, but the way you have dealt with everything, and still managed to live your life the best you could, means that I think even more highly of you now. We have grown closer, as we have opened up to each other more, and I truly feel comfortable and content when I am with you. I am so happy you are my friend, and I hope we are close for a long time to come. I am so proud of you.

6. Bronwen 

You are my second mum, and I admire you more than you realise. You have been the one I have always gone to when I needed career advice, support with applying for a job or improving myself as a person. I have always admired your honesty, and your caring nature for me and Jack. You are as much family as you could ever be, and I love you like family too. Thank you for being there and inspiring me, but also challenging me as a person, to become better and achieve more.


7. Sandy, and my blogging girls

Sandy, you are amazing, confident, you’re sassy and you’re full of love. You are the most inspirational person and I love that you are in my life. Thank you for being my blogger work wife through thick and thin. I couldn’t think of anyone I’d rather be on this journey with, than you. Thanks for being an amazing friend, and I hope we both go far!

And it’s worth a quick shout out to the other girls who I’ve met through blogging over the past few years (too many to name!) Anastazja, Charlie, Shu, Alice, Ali, and others; you guys keep me sane when the blogging world takes over your life. These girls make the journey so much more exciting and I can’t wait to travel more with you girls!


Which women do you admire?! Let me know in the comments!

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