Flying to Gothenburg with bmi

To kick off our trip to Sweden the right way, we opted to fly from Birmingham to Gothenburg with airline bmi (British Midland Airways).

I love Birmingham Airport, and have decided that from now on I will always try to fly from there. The airport is so much cleaner, quicker and stress-free than other airports (my most hated is Gatwick and Luton) and I have always enjoyed my holiday far more flying from there as opposed to any other airport.

Lucky for us bmi flew from Birmingham, which is only an hour from home, and even luckier they flew direct to Gothenburg, which was about 90 minutes from our first hotel in Jonkoping. We arrived at the airport an hour before the flight and checked in our luggage, before heading up to departures. We grabbed a beer and got the holiday started, before Facetiming Bella! Read all my posts from Sweden here.

As we headed to our gate we realised how many people were actually on our flight, and to my horror how small the plane was… (the plane was fine, I am just scared of flying and had never flown on a 40-seater plane before. We headed on the flight when we realised we were two of twelve people on that flight, we had a whole row each, and the air hostess was extremely attentive, serving us a sandwich as soon as we took off and a drink each during the two-hour flight.

bmi are great, due to the all-inclusive feel they are for check-in and during the flight. Flight prices are often inclusive of all costs, including luggage up to 23kg per person, and they even provide complimentary snacks and drinks on all flights for all passengers.

They also offer a super speedy airport experience, with only 30-minute prior to departure check-ins, meaning you can be arriving at the airport, and flying off into the distance in less than an hour. And they fly both smaller and larger planes depending on the number of passengers and destination.

This is great, considering the last time I flew Ryanair charged my £5.60 for a bottle of water, despite me asking for tap water. NEVER AGAIN!

I really enjoyed flying with bmi and was super impressive with their unique offering and way of doing customer service. Everything they do is about making the flying process easier for the customer, and for me that was a big thing, considering I hate flying. I felt calm and at ease both on the way there and on the way. I would certainly recommend booking a flight with bmi. Although prices seem higher to begin with when you first look at flight prices, bear in mind include luggage and free food and drink, and prices are actually great!

bmi flies directly between Bristol and Gothenburg on Mondays and Thursdays with fares from £99 one way.  All fares are inclusive of 23kg hold luggage, allocated seating and complimentary in-flight drinks and snacks. (Their flight from Birmingham to Gothenburg is currently on-hold and will resume soon). To book visit:

*I was gifted flights as part of this collaboration, all opinions are, as always, my own!

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