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10 Things to Do in Kotor Montenegro [2021]

If you have booked a trip to the wonderful town of Kotor, you may already be thinking what are the best things to do in Kotor? When Lonely Planet names their top destination for a year, you know that…


70+ of the BEST Travel Quotes [2021]

If you love to travel as much as me, you’ll also love a great travel quote. After all who doesn’t love travel quotes?! For me, and for many others, they provide a source of inspiration every single day, motivating…


3 Great Photography Spots in England

If you’re a photographer, you probably have a specific “eye” for certain things. Maybe you like to focus on nature. Or, maybe you choose to capture people in candid moments. Maybe architecture is your thing.  Whatever the case, you’re…


Our Home Renovation // UPDATE

Now we are nearly unboxed from our move, it’s time to start renovating. We’ve had big plans for ages now, and although we’d like to do an extension sometime in 2022, until then we’d like to re-decorate every room…


7 Epic Things to do in Shropshire

There are so many things to do in Shropshire. And as it’s no secret that 2020 was officially the year of the staycation my next blog post is all about Shropshire. Whilst popular destinations such as Cornwall and The…


21+ Rainbow Quotes That Will Make You Smile

Rainbows are one of nature’s most incredible sights and I especially love quotes about rainbows. And it’s why I love rainbow quotes… They often leave you feeling reflective, motivated and at one with nature. Quotes about rainbows are inspiring…


COMPETITION: WIN 3 x Pairs of WUKA Period Pants

LETS TALK PERIODS + GIVEAWAY!!🩸 [AD] Since I was 15, I have worn tampons or single-use pads, and quite frankly the best thing to come out of 2020 was period pants. I’ve been trying out these amazing period pants…