Best Places to go to the Cinema in London + map [2024]

Are wondering where the best place to go to the cinema in London?

I absolutely love a good trip to the cinema! There is nothing better on a rainy day then being able to sit down with some popcorn and become completely immersed in a film and with cinemas making a comeback there is even more of an opportunity to enjoy a great night at the movies in one of London’s more unique or luxurious cinemas.

In today’s post I have compiled some of London’s best and most unique cinema experiences you should try this year!

best cinema in London

Best Places to go to the Cinema in London

1. Royal Albert Hall

Movies: Iconic fan favourites

Price: £40-£100

Where to buy:

The Royal Albert Hall may not be your first thought when it comes to cinema given its more well known use is for musical concerts and theatre. However, every year they run a series of ‘Films in Concert’ where you can enjoy some of Hollywood’s most iconic movies with a live orchestra playing the soundtrack! They play a range of movies and with both daytime and evening performances you are sure to enjoy this unique cinematic experience!

royal albert hall

2. Electric Portobello Cinema

Movies: New releases and old favourites

Price: £15-£50

Where to buy:

One of the UK’s oldest cinemas built in 1910 the Electric Portobello has survived both world wars and a fire to become one of Notting Hills most iconic establishments. Today, you can choose to watch from either a luxurious-style armchair or even a double bed seat! The vintage feel and restored interior make it one of the most romantic cinema spots in London!


3. Curzon Sea Containers

Movies: New releases

Price: £8-£15

Where to buy:

This oceanic themed cinema is definitely one of the more unique venues to enjoy a film. Designed by award winner Tom Dixon the bold layout and architectural features are sure to catch your attention before the trailers even start rolling!

The cinema itself offers a range of snacks or you can even check out the two restaurants before your film. The seating here is spacious and comfortable allowing you to enjoy some of Hollywood’s latest releases in style.


4. Taste Film

Movies: Old favourites

Price: £80

Where to buy:

Perhaps London’s most unique cinematic experience Taste Film offers the opportunity to dine whilst you watch; with the menu designed to match the movie!

This one certainly is unique; they show a range of films with the menu for the film released a day before the tickets usually offering both a standard and vegan menu. The location of the ‘cinema’ does change depending on which restaurant they are working with so be sure to read all the details before you book!


5. The cinema at Selfridges

Movies: New releases

Price: £15

Where to buy:

Who knew a cinema within a department store was something you needed? Well, the Cinema at Selfridges does not disappoint! After spending a day shopping you can sit down right into a reclining seat and enjoy a surround sound immersive cinematic experience.


6. Regents Street Cinema

Movies: New releases and Classics

Price: £6-£10

Where to buy:

The Regent Street cinema is definitely one for the history lovers! Decorated completely in an Art-Deco themed auditorium complete with velvet chairs and a traditional-coved ceiling it is the perfect place to enjoy a film.

One of only a few independent cinemas in London there is something magical about this cinema which still has a working film projector (You can see a presentation of this before your movie on certain days of the month). They show a mixture of classic films, new releases, and fan favourites throughout the month, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy.


7. Backyard Cinema

Movies: Classics and New Releases

Price: £35

Where to buy:

Another one of London’s most unique cinematic experiences the Backyard cinema aims to fully immerse you into the movie with a live choir and themed decorations this is a truly unique performance.

They only offer one film at a time (as of spring 2024 it’s 1996 Romeo and Juliet) but the experience offered is truly unique.


8. The Castle Cinema

Movies: New releases and old favourites

Price: £5-£10

Where to buy: www.

The Castle Cinema may not actually be in a castle, but the luxurious seating and royal décor certainly make you feel like it!

This cinema is great in that it is a break away from the usual cinema set up but still offers affordable tickets and a range of special screenings every week to cater for everyone’s needs. It is a lovely spot to enjoy the latest movies.  


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