10 Best Hotels in Laos + BEST area to stay [2023]

With the world of travel finding its feet for the first time in a long time, I wanted to write a piece about one of my favourite countries. And to start off I have pulled together a list of the best hotels in Laos.

Laos was always on the bucket list, partly because as an avid nature lover and history geek, it offers the best of both. Challenging hikes with views like no other, peaceful walks through the greenest fields, small villages to explore with the friendliest locals, mouth-watering street food and markets galore, as well as museums to learn about the country’s rich history.

I owe some of my greatest experiences in Laos to the places I stayed and the people I met there. Whether you’re looking for a basic, no-frills room with hammocks overlooking the river, party hostels with pools attached to have a dip in on those hot days or simply a place located amongst the abundance of culture Laos has to offer, you’ve got it all to choose from below!

For those looking at travelling to Laos, here are some of the best places that my friends or I stayed at. For those who have been to Laos, welcome to a trip down memory lane…

*All prices are approximate and dependent on season*

laos hostels

Image by Olga Ozik from Pixabay

Vang Vieng 

Nana’s Hostel

Dorms from £3/night

Private rooms from £9/night

Everyone knows about Nana’s, and if you haven’t heard about Nana’s then you NEED to hear about Nana’s. If you stay as long as I happened to keep staying (extending and extending and extending) you even get a free t-shirt!

Although this was before covid so who knows that may have changed. Rooms are small, granted, but the bathroom is big for the amount of people who stay there – there is nothing more annoying than waiting at other hostels to brush your teeth. There’s a nice swimming pool to relax in when it’s hot, and at nights there’s free shots to take advantage of before you and your crowd move to the other bars dotted around.

You can also book your tubing here and staff are really helpful!


Riverside Boutique Resort

Private rooms from £40/night

Are you in paradise? Yes, quite possibly. Featuring panoramas of the mountainous landscape, free breakfast and a welcome drink on arrival, the Riverside Boutique Resort is a perfect choice if you prefer staying away from the town centre (which is only a short walking distance) and want to relax in the most tranquil environment.

Vang Vieng is almost too beautiful to somehow seem real – it feels at times you’re living in a real-life postcard and no I’m not kidding.

This gorgeous resort offer a restaurant on-site where you can choose from various international cuisine, and can give you a wealth of information about different local excursions. Enjoy!

laos backpacking

Image by Toản Dương from Pixabay

Luang Prabang

Mad Monkey Hostel

Dorms from £5/night

I loved the atmosphere of Mad Monkey. It’s really popular during the evening for people to hang out and have drinks together. There’s an infinity pool which you can relax by in the morning (if you can wake up that is) and a free shuttle bus that can take you into town. The staff here are really fun too!


The Belle Rive Boutique Hotel

Private rooms from £39/night

If you’re looking for something a little more relaxing, have a look at The Belle Rive Boutique Hotel, which offers comfortable private rooms with gorgeous views for less than £40/night. Situated right in front of the Mekong River, this colonial-inspired building offers a luxury stay with an a la carte breakfast on your balcony, as well as typical hotel amenities and extra activities to book off-site. You’re welcome.

hostels in laos

Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

Nong Khiaw

Sunset Guesthouse

Private rooms from £6/night

I found exploring Nong Khiaw one of the highlights of my trip; it’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited.

The small riverside town has a handful of restaurants, and so the main attractions are really just small moments you have here, whether it’s walking around the small town and saying hello to the friendly locals, hiking the hidden trails or reading a book in a hammock overlooking the river.

The Sunset Guesthouse features basic rooms, which are clean and comfortable but it’s the view you’re paying for. Take a book and just relax by the river, surrounded by the mountains. Ps. The host is lovely, worked as previous translator and speaks English, Spanish, Lao, Hmong and French! 

Laos capital

Image by Poswiecie from Pixabay


The Lucky Backpackers Hostel 

Dorms from £3/night

Private Rooms from £6/night


Petit Espace

Dorms from £7/night

Vientiane is somewhere I stayed for a flying visit, in order to take the night bus onwards to Don Det. I wouldn’t personally spend a lot of time here, as there’s not much to explore – although I did enjoy walking through the Ban Anou Night Market near to my hostel.

To put it quite simply, if you’re a traveller who doesn’t mind where they stay for one night, to save money, to be in a good location near to bus stops and night markets, then The Lucky Backpackers Hostel might be the one for you.

I stayed here with a big group of people and it was cheap as chips – I’ve also seen that you can pay for a private room. It’s basic, but great if you just need a place to stay for the night – which I did. For those who would prefer something more luxurious, than Petit Espace offers modern accomodation, with cosy pods to sleep in and a cool cafe to relax in during the day.



Sipanya Guesthouse

Private rooms from £11/night

Phônsavan is a town, rich in history, that you can join onto tours to the Plain of Jars. I didn’t see many tourists here at the time, but the ones I did stayed at the same guesthouse as mine – and for good reason.

Sipanya Guesthouse provides private rooms with en-suites which are comfortable and affordable. You can also book day trips through them to find out more about the history of Laos.

laos backpacking

Image by Annika Hering from Pixabay

Don Det, 4000 Islands

Riverside Bungalow

Private rooms from £5/night (walk-in price)

Mr. Tho’s Bungalows

Private rooms from £5/night (walk-in price)

Don Det is split into the Sunrise Side and the Sunset Side. You can hire a bike to cycle to either one, and we stayed at the Sunrise Side which is breathtakingly beautiful and the side you disembark the boat on; more developed than the Sunset Side.

Guesthouses here line the Mekong River, and rooms are basic, usually offering fans and mosquito nets. I spent a very happy time at Riverside Bungalow where I relaxed in the hammock and took time to meditate at dawn, but it’s walk-in only, there doesn’t seem to be a website to book in advance (and it’s often better to just turn up and see what’s available as most of the accommodation isn’t even available online).

If you knowing your accommodation is booked in advance, I was recommended Mr Tho’s Bungalows where you can either enquire about availability at [email protected] or book online


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