ITINERARY: How to spend a week in Queenstown New Zealand

There is so much to do in Queenstown, some stuff I have already written about such as skiing or the luge, however here is a few more. We did some of those listed and were told about the others. It appears Queenstown really is the activity centre of New Zealand and there is just so much to do!

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Take a gondola up to the Skyline

Its reasonably priced and gives you impressive views across Queenstown! And once you are up there you can also jump on the luge and whiz down the tracks!


Check out Kawarau Gorge

One does not simply come to Queenstown and not check out the bungee jumping site at Kawarau Gorge. You don’t have to jump because it is almost as fun as watching the other crazy tourists giving it a go. All the fun without the panic attack!


Visit Minus 5 Ice Bar

I had never been to an ice bar before here and really wanted to ‘tick it off’.  Like the many of the other ice bars across the world before you go in the ice bar you are wrapped up in huge coats and gloves as the temperature sits as a maximum of -5◦c! The drinks are expensive but I guess you are paying for the experience too so I would buy one drink, experience it and then go somewhere cheaper!


Eat a Ferg Burger

A rite of passage for any backpacker who visits Queenstown you must visit Fergburger! The most famous burger shop in Queenstown which now opens 22 hours a day and often has queues out the door and up the street. Crazy hay!? Now this doesn’t sound appealing at all but the burgers are well worth the wait! Fergburger has an amazing menu of some very well put together burgers with the most famous being ‘The Fergburger’ – it is huge and finishing it really is a challenge!


Sample the nightlife

Queenstown has a record number of bars and eateries per capita within New Zealand. Bars serving cold beer, local wines and cocktails are super easy to find! For the best cocktails visit World Bar! Every night during happy hour cocktail teapots are half price; with so many flavours to try between us we all bought a selection and then proceeded to try each other’s. Before we had even landing in Queenstown I knew all about the teapot cocktails and I was extremely excited to try it out.


Visit a Ski field

Obviously this depends on the time of year you descend on Queenstown but usually from April to September you can ski at one of the many ski fields surrounding the area of Queenstown. You have a vared choice from Coronet Peak to the Remarkables! Slopes vary for all abilities and the prices are actually really good! I rented ski equipment and grabbed a lift pass for two days for maybe only around $200, which is around one hundred pound. Bargain!


These are just a snippet of the things you can do in and around Queenstown in the winter. It offers so much and there really is something for everyone.