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What is Your Favourite Sunset Snap?


A picture is worth a thousand words

This sunset photo was taken this September when me and Theo took a trip to Spain, Malaga. We went for a walk one evening after dinner by the promenade and I captured this beautiful sunset as the sun began to set behind the palm trees and the buildings down below the walkway. 

The sunset instantly stopped me in my tracks as I couldn’t help but admire the view as the sun began to disappear. For ten minutes, as I stared in to the horizon, I forgot about all the stresses in my life and everything I had left at home and instead thought about how truly lucky I am in life. I have an amazing family, friends that support me, a boyfriend that makes everyday even more fun and I have a blog which I adore.

Sometimes it takes only a minute or two away from your phone, the television or an iPad to really remind yourself about the important things in life. Sunsets also have this impact and instantly remind you to reflect. So next time you’re away somewhere beautiful take a moment to reflect as you admire the view in front of you, else you may just blink and miss it…

What is your favourite sunset snap? Any why?

* This is an entry in to the Olympic Holiday’s ‘Snap A Sunset’ competition

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