Travelling By Yacht // How to plan the perfect adventure

If you love nature, the ocean and the sound of the waves, then a sailing holiday is for you. Travelling by yacht, you will come across vibrant cultures, tasty food and breath-taking scenery, all within minutes of docking in any harbour or port.

A trip out to sea is an incredible way for you to see the world! It gives you the flexibility and freedom to explore and make the most of your travels, but whether its your first yachting trip or you have done it a million times, you never want to feel unprepared when out at sea.

So, I have provided a basic guide to planning your perfect seafaring trip to ensure you are prepared for your travels.

travelling by yacht

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Planning your route

You may already have a brief idea of where you’d like to head out on your trip, but if you don’t then do not stress. Travelling by yacht is easy and manageable!

The advantage of yachting is that your transport and accommodation are morphed into one, meaning the responsibility of cancelling hotel reservations at the last minute are removed and your possibilities are endless.

Hopping from island to island is every boater’s dream, and the benefits of boating are that the yacht will take you to any points of interest, giving you tons of opportunities to hop off the yacht and experience local culture and landscape.

There is so many different places to explore around the world, whether that be the Mediterranean, Europe or you want to stay closer to home and voyage around your home country. It is most important that the first step is to research destinations regarding the weather and sailing dates, after all you don’t want to be visiting a destination in its peak tourism seasons.

But while you have the freedom to explore, the location is crucial to having a successful trip, this is how you determine the options available to you when you step off onto shore and to decide the route.

Once you have decided on your locations, try using this interactive boat route planner to calculate the distance, time taken and the best route for your trip.


Buying vs. Chartering: How to find the boat for you

Once you are set on your destination, you need to make the decision as to how you are going to get from point A to point B.

You may already own a yacht, however if you don’t, then you have different options to consider. In any case, it is up to you whether you want to travel simple, splurge out on a luxury yacht, or decide for somewhere in between.

If you’re looking to buy, Bénéteau boats have been running for over 130 years and have shown to retain their value over time better than any other brand of boats on the water. As such, they make boats suitable for long and short trips.

Depending on what you’re looking for, there is something for every price range. Whether you want new or used, look at Bénéteau boats for sale and see if there is one suitable for your ideal seafaring trip.

Yet, if you aren’t looking for a long-term investment, chartering is always an option. Chartering a boat gives you complete freedom to design your trip to your needs, without the demands which come with owning a yacht.

This found freedom which comes with all inclusive yacht charters is an incredible bonus, you have the option to sail with a captain and if you have no knowledge of the area, the charter company can plan an entire itinerary for you. Not only that but sailing with a crew allows for the benefit of their knowledge on sailing routes and restrictions, taking the stress out of your trip. Yacht trips really are the best way to travel! 

sailing holiday

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What you should pack for sailing

Making sure you aren’t caught short whilst out at sea when it comes to packing can be a daunting task. Keeping in mind that the boat will have most of the necessities, you need to think of what you will wear. While it is likely you will probably be wearing the same outfits every day or a variation of, shorts, t-shirts, swimming wear, and flip-flops, you will also need to consider bringing the following items:

  • Enclosed shoes – You will need something non-slip and safer for walking around the boat and for stops to enjoy outdoor activities on land.
  • A jumper – During the evenings, it will get colder especially out at sea, so bring something to keep cosy in.
  • Towels
  • Toiletries
  • Camera – Keep it protected from the water, but you will want to capture memories on the water and in local towns.
  • Chargers and adapters
  • Prescription medicine
  • A small flashlight – This is necessary when navigating your way through a dark cabin at night.
  • First-aid kit – most chartered vessels will come fully-equipped with a first-aid kit on board, however some additional supplies such as plasters, antibacterial cream, aspirin and bug spray should be considered.
  • Sunscreen – it is likely you will be in the scorching sun during most of your trip at sea, so do not put yourself at risk.


What documents do you need

Depending on where you are going, you will need to plan in advance what important documents you will need before heading out on your trip.

It is almost necessary to carry your passport just in case, however some country’s may require you to supply a visitors’ visa on arrival, along with other relevant travel insurance papers.

Here is a list of documentation you will need on the majority of boating trips, however it is always worth checking the country’s government website if you are unsure as to whether you need a visitor visa or other important documentation.

If you are chartering, ensure to bring the all inclusive yacht charter paperwork along with the contact information for the charter company in case any problems may arise while you are visiting different locations.

all inclusive yacht charter

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Food and drink onboard 

At this point in the planning stage, you have decided upon the main aspects of your trip and meals are one of the most important part of the sailing experience. One of the benefits of a sailing holiday is that you are given the opportunity to taste local cuisine in your comfort zone, on the deck of your boat under the stars in the evening.

There is a couple of options which are offered to you depending on your previous decisions.

The most time-consuming and affordable option is to plan, purchase and cook all the meals yourself, but this takes extra planning in order to make your sailing experience fully enjoyable and to ensure you do not leave yourself left starving on the waters.

With this option, you will need more time in advance to your trip to plan your meals, prepare a shopping list, research local supermarkets on land, and assigning galley duties, all while working this into your itinerary.

If you are choosing to all inclusive yacht charter, you are in luck if you want to save time but still have the joys of doing the cooking.

Some charter companies offer packages provide the option to fully stock your boat with food and drinks at an additional fee, given the opportunity to split your time between eating on board and dining out to sample local cuisine at local restaurants along the way if you go for a two-course option.

Alternatively, if you are wanting a complete stress free and relaxing vacation, giving you more time to soak in the sun and explore local towns, you can hire a chef to take care of you on your travels. Travelling by yacht is an amazing experience!

yacht trips

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Arriving at your destination

One of the joys of sailing is that once you reach your destination.

Almost all sailing destinations come with the option to explore breath-taking beaches and with the added bonus of a vast list of exciting water activities including but not limited to surfing, wake boarding, paddle boarding, snorkelling, and so many more.

While planning your dream boating trip can feel like a lifetime away when considering all aspects, once things begin, it’s a promise that it will all start to fall into place.

As the days draw near and ideas starts to come together to form a plan, you will grow more and more excited as you will be one step closer to coasting clear blue waters on the destination of your choosing.


I would highly recommend yacht trips on an all inclusive yacht charter for the ultimate travel adventure!


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My Travel Tips and Recommendations


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Travel Insurance

Picking travel insurance that covers you in all eventualities is an essential part of planning a trip for every single person. If you can’t afford travel insurance, you can’t afford to travel. You never know what’s around the corner. 


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