7 Epic Things to do in Shropshire

There are so many things to do in Shropshire. And as it’s no secret that 2020 was officially the year of the staycation my next blog post is all about Shropshire.

Whilst popular destinations such as Cornwall and The Cotswolds were visited in abundance, some equally as beautiful areas did not prove as popular, one of these areas being the county of Shropshire.

The county of Shropshire is located close to Birmingham, in the West Midlands and along the England-Wales border. The county is home to 1 of 46 Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) located in the UK; The Shropshire Hills.

The Shropshire Hills cover almost a quarter of the Shropshire County. With a plethora of walking and hiking routes and spectacular views, it’s no surprise that this area is loved by most adventure seekers and both tourists and locals alike.

If, however, you are not so much an adventure seeker but more of a culture vulture then it’s not just walking and hikes that Shropshire has to offer.

With vibrant towns, cute little villages and an abundance of history and museums, there is lots more to see and do here.


When is the best time to visit Shropshire?

Shropshire is the kind of place that you can visit all year round. Whether you are after a nice sunny stroll or getting cosy in a pub by the fire during the colder months there is something to suit all of your needs.

Naturally, during summer you have the best chance of enjoying a walk and hike in nice temperatures and seeing the best/clearest views. 

We went during the autumn, unfortunately for us, the heavens opened throughout the duration of our hike and my boyfriend slipped about 5 times, but the autumnal colours that we got to see across the valley was a great consolation prize.


What is the best way to get to and explore Shropshire?

The best way to and explore Shropshire is by Car. There are lots of train routes that go into the main towns such as Telford and Shrewsbury and there are also local bus routes that will take you all over the county. However, exploring by car is the most cost and time-effective option.

If you are unable to go by car click here to see a list of the stations in Shropshire and click here to look at local bus routes.

things to do in shropshire

Where is the best place to stay in Shropshire?

Normally, when looking for a place to stay I will spend hours traipsing through Instagram and the rest of the internet looking for the perfect location. Thankfully this time round I did not have to do that.

My friend took a trip to Shropshire earlier in the year and let me know of a cute and quaint bed and breakfast that she could not recommend highly enough, this place was The Crown Country Inn

The Crown Country Inn is situated in the charming, rural town of Munslow, where not much else can be found apart from one or two more pubs and acres of green fields, which makes it the ideal location if you are looking for somewhere to slow down and to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Another reason this place is so perfect is that you are just a short car journey away from some of Shropshire’s most beautiful walking and hiking spots.

Finally, I can’t begin to explain how welcoming and warming the hosts where. They make sure your every need is tended to, to ensure that you have the perfect weekend away.


Best places to eat and drink in Shropshire

With our accommodation being so rural and wanting to enjoy ourselves with more than just one or two drinks we decided to eat all of our meals at The Crown Country Inn (apart from lunch where we would stop off at the odd cafe to grab sandwich). 

The food at The Crown Country Inn does not disappoint. They serve up hearty pub grub with an ‘haute cuisine’ twist. I also can’t forget to mention their delicious cocktail menu, if you take a trip here you must try their Bailey’s Mint Martini’s and the Vanilla Silk cocktail.

best places in shropshire

7 Things to do in Shropshire

1. Visit Ironbridge 

One of the Best Things to do in Shropshire is to visit Ironbridge is a large village situated on the River Severn. As the name might suggest one of the town’s main attractions is its iconic iron bridge. It was built in 1779 and was the first Ironbridge in the world. Other things to do in Ironbridge include visiting one of its many museums, or if you’re up for something a little more adventurous, you can go rafting along the River Severn.


2. Explore Much Wenlock 

My boyfriend, being a P.E teacher (and a sports fanatic) was so excited to learn that Much Wenlock was super close to where we were staying. I had absolutely no idea about the history of the town, but it was so fascinating to learn about.

The town of Much Wenlock played a critical part in the revival of the Olympic Games. Back in 1850, a Dr William Penny Brookes created the “Wenlock Olympic Games”. After watching in awe, this inspired a Baron Pierre de Coubertin to create the “International Olympic Committee” in 1894 which, in turn, led to the first modern Olympic Games being held in Athens in 1896.

You can visit the Much Wenlock museum and The Guildhall to find learn about all of its histories.


3. Visit Shrewsbury 

Shrewsbury is the capital of Shropshire, therefore making it one of Shropshire’s most popular places to visit. There are lots of things to do in Shrewsbury to cater to all tastes and interests. For those interested in history and crime, you can take a trip to the old Shrewsbury Prison.

If you prefer being out in the fresh air, then you can walk around the grounds of The Quarry or Attingham Park. Alternatively, if you are a huge foodie then you can head to the Shrewsbury Market Hall and pick up some grub! 

shropshire hills

4. Go hiking

It would be criminal to come to the Shropshire Hills and not do at least one hike! There are many walking routes across the Shropshire Hills, each with their own set of beautiful panoramic views.

Some of the most popular walks to do in the area are as follows:

Carding Mill Valley and the Long Mynd 

Carding Mill Valley and the Long Mynd can be accessed from the town of Church Stretton. This site is part of the National Trust. This means that there is onsite parking, a café, toilet facilities and wardens to help answer your questions. Parking here is free for all NT members and £5 for non-members.

There are 5 main walks you can do on this particular site which cater for a variety of abilities and include views of popular attractions like the Lightspout Waterfall and Carding Mill Reservoir. Click here to find out more about the hikes you can do.

Wander up Caer Caradoc 

Caer Caradoc is a hill formed of volcanic rock, standing 1500ft over the town of Church Stretton. On a clear day not only can you look over Shropshire, but you can also see as far as North Wales.

There are four main walking trails that encompass Caer Caradoc into their route (see here for details on where to start your walk). These routes are all registered as ‘moderate’ for their difficulty rating, so the biggest challenge on these hikes is trying to find the secret  ‘Caractacus’ cave located here.

The Stiperstones 

The Stiperstones walk lets you explore the remains of one of Britain’s old mining villages. Back in the 1870’s the Stiperstones area was one of Britain’s biggest producers of lead.

Head down to the Bog Mine car park to start your walk. There is free parking here and an onsite visitor centre where you can find out more about the history of the Stiperstones.  


5. Visit Bridgnorth 

This unique town is interesting to visit. The River Severn flows through the middle of the town, splitting it into two parts; the high town and the low town.

If you want to witness this for yourself, then head to the Bridgnorth Cliff Railway. Not only is this spot a great viewpoint but you can also take a ride on one of the oldest, shortest and steepest Funicular railways’ in the country.

Other things to do in Bridgnorth include visiting the Bridgnorth Castle and the Severn Valley railway line.


6. Visit Ludlow Castle 

First built in 1461, Ludlow Castle is an old medieval ruin that was initially a Norman fortress, which over time, transformed into a royal palace.

These days Ludlow Castle is one of Shropshire’s main tourist attractions as well as the host to some of Ludlow’s local festivals. If you want to visit here then there is no need to pre-book, just make sure you check the opening times on their website.

places to visit in shropshire

7. Spa evening at Fishmore Hall Hotel & Spa 

If you have had a long weekend of exploring Shropshire, then it’s probably time for some rest and relaxation. The best place to do this is at Fishmore Hall Boutique Spa. Not only do they have a great selection of massage packages, but they also have a sauna/steam room and hot tub that looks out over the Shropshire Hills.  


I hope this list of 7 Things to do in Shropshire helps you plan a trip here. Which activity or destination will you be visiting?


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