THE ANXIETY FIX: The Best Products for Anxiety

Products for Anxiety

Everyone feels anxious from time to time. However, when anxiety feels out of control or fills you up with persistent dread and worry — often for no discernible reason — it might be time to seek help.  Thankfully, there are things you can also do to help yourself, outside of therapy, through product said to lessen anxiety and calm the mind. Here are my favourite products for anxiety…

  1. Tisserand

Tisserand is another of my favourite brands, and a brand that has helped me through some of my worst mental health crises. I use Tisserand on a day-to-day basis for energy, focus and sleep and this little package from them is the perfect product for dealing with those sleepless night.

  1. Traditional Medicinals Organic Nighty Night Valerian Relaxation Tea

Valerian root promotes calm and tranquility, which can be helpful if you’re often saddled with a racing mind before bed. Brew it strong by steeping for five minutes.

  1. Rescue Remedy

Another favourite Products for Anxiety is Dr. Edward Bach’s Rescue Remedy. He founded the Original Bach Flower Remedies. It’s a system of 38 flower remedies that correct emotional imbalances, where negative emotions are replaced with positive. These flower remedies work in conjunction with herbs, homeopathy, and medications.

  1. Magnesium

You need magnesium for hundreds of activities in the human body, yet most people in the U.S. don’t get the minimum daily requirements of this vital mineral. We recommend Natural Calm, which reduces stress symptoms, promotes better sleep, provides sustainable energy, and soothes the nerves.

  1. Soft blanket

Draping a soft blanket over my body is an instant pick-me-up

  1. Headspace app

This is a great no-cost way to jump into meditation. “The app provides guided meditation and exercises to help you move out of your own head

  1. EFT tapping

If you’re looking for a self-help technique to help you reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, we highly recommend EFT tapping. We both use EFT (emotional freedom techniques) regularly for overcoming challenges, emotional stress, or blocks from our past.

  1. ‘Transition to Calm’ MP3

The Transition to Calm: Guided Relaxations for Stress and Anxiety Relief album is part of our private collection of guided relaxations and breathing exercises created to ease stress and anxiety. Or simply go to Spotify and find a playlist you like!

  1. Himalayan lamp

A Himalayan lamp has an unusually calming effect with soft light, making any room at home feel soothing

  1. Relax-O-Ring

Simply slip this copper-plated ring on when you need a little boost. The Relax-O-Ring’s coils are designed to give your fingers a little massage and stimulate your reflex points and energy zones. It may be perfect for when you’re at work and want to avoid that post-lunch crash, or if you’re in need of a meditative pick-me-up before a big meeting.



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