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How much does it cost to visit Iceland

Iceland is a hot destination right now, from gorgeous waterfalls to epic sunrises. But how much does it cost to travel to Iceland? There is honestly nothing like travelling to Iceland. But there’s a catch, it’s expensive. Last month…


How I Get Paid To Travel The World

I know a lot of  people who claim that if you are young, poor or from a certain background that you cannot travel the world. My answer? Not true! I recently watched a video by the one and only…


REVIEW: Escape Travel Card

Going on holiday can be one of the most stressful points of the year, especially in a group of friends or with the family and sorting out money for your trips can be a pain. Do you take cash,…


How Much Will I Need for New Zealand?

READ MORE: How to spend 5 days in Queenstown As an approx: Hostel accommodation is usually between NZD $20-$30 a night Then you’ll need a minimum of NZD $10 to $25 a day for food and beverage And then the…

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REVIEW: A Prepaid Card

Here are my top tips to get the best from a prepaid card.    ALWAYS carry enough currency to see you through a couple of days in case the ATMs near your hostel or where you are travelling are…


REVIEW: Which pre-paid travel card to take?

One of the most painful pre-travelling things to do I think is finding a cash card to put all of your well earnt money on to, oh and insurance, but I’ll battle that one another day.   I have…