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When I headed to Iceland last year, I couldn’t visit Iceland without a stop at the famous Blue Lagoon geothermal spa and a stay at the world-famous Silica Hotel Iceland. You can read my blog post all about my visit to the Blue Lagoon, which includes my top tips, what’s included, how much tickets are and when to visit. 

The Blue Lagoon is one of the most visited attractions in Iceland, and it’s not hard to see why. The beautiful milky-blue opaque water, is set against the black lava field and dark green moss, offering a welcome retreat from the cold and wintery weather that happens in the country from September – May. 

I highly recommend combining your visit to the Blue Lagoon Iceland, with a night stay at the Silica Hotel Iceland, which is located just 10 minutes walk from the Blue Lagoon Iceland entrance. 

The Silica Hotel Iceland is a little pricey, but if your budget allows you to splash out for just one night, I would highly recommend spending it at the Silica Hotel and getting that once in a lifetime experience at the Blue Lagoon Iceland. 

The hotel’s private lagoon enchanting and offers visitors to experience the benefits of the mineral-rich water, whilst also relaxing at the Blue Lagoon. The Silica Lagoon is open from 9:00 to 22:00 every day, and premium access to the Blue Lagoon is built into your stay at Silica Hotel.

The Blue Lagoon history dates back to 1976 when it formed next to the geothermal power plant, Svartsengi. The lagoon is in fact not natural, and was caused by a man-made structure for excess water from the power plant, that used to drill for steam and hot water. 


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silicia hotel iceland

What is the best month to visit Iceland?

The best time to visit Iceland is any time of the year, depending on what you’re after from the trip. A lot of people say the best time to visit Iceland is in the summer.

Summer is the best season to visit in terms of accessibility and weather, however, if you want to see more wildlife and the Northern Lights head to Iceland in Winter, so November through to April.

We went in April and I loved going then! The weather was good, yet there was still a chill in the air, yet we also got to see whales and snow-topped mountains.

How to get to Iceland

Iceland has exploded over the past decade with more tourists than ever heading north to the wonderful wintery island that is Iceland.

Within the space of a few years, and a great PR campaign behind it, Iceland went from being a tiny, unknown island in the Arctic that only adventurous travellers would visit, to an extremely popular tourist destination that’s on everyone’s bucket lists today. And unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would have seen pictures of Iceland all over social media and travel blogs inspiring you to check out this winter wonderland once and for all. 

Always one to be sceptical, I was sure there was a catch, that the flights couldn’t be as inexpensive as they advertised or, if they were, surely they wouldn’t be at all comfortable.

But I was wrong… from booking to check-in, to gate departures to in-flight service, the whole experience was brilliant. And much better in fact than a lot of airlines I have flown on in the past year!

Read my full review here.


History of the Blue Lagoon Iceland 

The Blue Lagoon is a geothermal spa in southwestern Iceland. The spa is located in a lava field near Grindavík on the Reykjanes Peninsula, in a location favourable for geothermal power, and is supplied by water used in the nearby Svartsengi geothermal power station.

The Blue Lagoon and Silica Hotel Iceland is approximately 20 km (12 mi) from Keflavík International Airport and is one of the most visited attractions in Iceland.

The water’s milky blue shade is due to its high silica content. The silica forms soft white mud on the bottom of the lake which bathers rub on themselves. The water is also rich in salts and algae.

The water temperature in the bathing and swimming area of the lagoon averages 37–39 °C (99–102 °F). Guests are required to shower prior to using the geothermal spa. 

Several travel companies within Iceland offer various Blue Lagoon experiences, including both vacation day-trips as well as quick lay-over trips to the lagoon if you are flying off to somewhere else afterwards. E.g. New York from London.

These experiences include admission to the lagoon, transport to and from the Blue Lagoon from the airport, or from Reykjavik.

FUN FACT OF THE DAY: The Blue Lagoon was used as the pit stop for the first leg of The Amazing Race 6. The Blue Lagoon was used for the thermal spa scenes in the filming of Hostel: Part II. It was also shown in the Incubus documentary Look Alive, when the band visited Iceland, in the fifth cycle of Britain’s Next Top Model which used as photoshoot location as well as Keeping Up with the Kardashians. – Wikipedia

silicia hotel iceland

7 Reasons to Stay at Silica Hotel Iceland

  1. By staying at Silica Hotel Iceland, you get to avoid the crowds of the millions who visit the normal spa every year. If you ever see an empty Blue Lagoon on Instagram, they either got up really early or are staying at the Silica Hotel Iceland and were granted access to the exclusive area or early opening hours. To be able to access the spa when it’s quieter, the best way to do this is to stay at the Silica Hotel. Hotel guests are given premium entry, which means you don’t have to wait in line and you will also get robes and slippers for use while you’re there.
  2. All guests get free access to the hotel’s own Silica Lagoon, which is a lovely addition to staying Silica Hotel Iceland, as it means you can then get away from the crowds. 
  3. LAVA Restaurant is located right at the Blue Lagoon and dining here at LAVA restaurant was the best meal we had during our trip in Iceland. The setting of the restaurant is unique with views across the lagoon and the cliff edge. As part of the blue lagoon package, we were given a complimentary glass of bubbly. They have a 4-course tasting menu which changes daily and features traditional Icelandic dishes but there is also a great selection on the A La Carte menu.
  4. Whilst we didn’t get to experience the Northern Lights on our trip, I am told one of the most memorable experiences you can have at Silica Hotel Iceland is seeing the Northern Lights whilst bathing in the waters. I can just imagine floating in the warm lagoon while gazing up at the Northern Lights and the hotel provides a wake-up call service throughout the evening. So if the Aurora Borealis decides to show up, you won’t miss out!
  5. The spa at the Silica Hotel offers an array of unique spa treatments that cannot be experienced anywhere else in the world (well I don’t think so anyway, tell me if I am wrong!). My favourite option would would have to be the in-water massage where you lie on a floating bed in the warm milky-blue geothermal waters, whilst a therapist massages mineral-rich oil all over your body.
  6. There are several hiking trails around the Silica Hotel. A light walk covering Blue Lagoon’s immediate surroundings, this journey takes you along the sublime waterscape in front of the main Blue Lagoon complex and winds through a 2000-year-old lava field, giving you a glimpse of the area’s ever-changing moss-covered terrain.
  7. The landscape was like nothing I’ve ever seen before. And the Selskógur Walk takes you along the sublime waterscape in front of the main Blue Lagoon complex and winds through a 2000-year-old lava field, bringing you face-to-face with the area’s ever-changing moss-covered terrain. From there you move southward toward Selskógur—the serenely majestic forest at the base of Thorbjörn Mountain. (Credit: Blue Lagoon Iceland)


silicia hotel iceland silicia hotel iceland

silicia hotel iceland silicia hotel iceland


How far is the Blue Lagoon from Reykjavik?

The Blue Lagoon and Silica Hotel are just a fifteen-minute drive from Keflavík International Airport, or a thirty-minute drive from Reykjavík, located between the two.

How many hours do you need at the Blue Lagoon?

Typically, guests enjoy the water for two hours. After soaking in the mineral-rich warmth, people generally seek nourishment by snacking at Blue Café or dining at Lava Restaurant. In total, on average, visitors spend four hours at Blue Lagoon Iceland.

What do you need to bring to the Blue Lagoon?

  • A swimsuit
  • A towel
  • Money, cash or card
  • Sunscreen if it’s summer!
  • Hair tie if you have long hair
  • Conditioner for your hair after
  • Spare towel
  • Change of clothes

How much is the Blue Lagoon?

Comfort: Blue Lagoon

From ISK 6 990

  • Entrance to the Blue Lagoon

  • Silica mud mask

  • Use of towel

  • 1st drink of your choice


Premium: Blue Lagoon

From ISK 9 900

  • Entrance to the Blue Lagoon

  • Silica mud mask

  • Use of towel

  • 1st drink of your choice

  • Second mask of choice

  • Slippers

  • Use of bathrobe

  • Table reservation at Lava Restaurant

  • Sparkling wine if dining

*Prices taken from Blue Lagoon website for accuracy.


Does the Blue Lagoon ruin your hair?

The geothermal water at Blue Lagoon has high levels of silica, and while silica is not harmful to hair, it can become stiff and difficult to manage once wet. You will feel the mineral buildup and you will need to treat it.

Blue Lagoon Opening Hours 

SeasonOpening Hours
26 May – 29 June7:00 – 23:00
30 June – 20 August7:00 – 00:00
21 August – 1 October8:00 – 22:00
2 October – 31 December*8:00 – 20:00


Do you need to book the Blue Lagoon?

In general, entry to the Blue Lagoon is fully booked throughout the year. In order to reserve your desired date and time—and avoid the possibility that the lagoon will be sold out on the day you intend to visit—pre-booking is absolutely essential.

silicia hotel iceland

Top tips for visiting Blue Lagoon Iceland

A few things you should know:

  • The Blue Lagoon is a spa in Iceland and is open all year round
  • Standard entry is from 6100 ISK (£46) for adults (14+)
  • The age limit to the Blue Lagoon is 2 years old, entry is free for 2-13 year old
  • Pre-booking is required, days or up to weeks in advance
  • The average temperature of the water is 39°C / 102°F all year round
  • The Blue Lagoon is not natural and formed in 1976
  • The warm seawater is rich with minerals such as silica that do wonders for your skin
  • The water in the Blue Lagoon completely renews itself every 48 hours
  • You should shower before getting in to the pool (you may be asked if attendance notice you haven’t)
  • Combine a trip here with your in-flight or outbound flight as it’s not very close to much else
  • Take precautions for your hair, they have conditioners in the shower, or tie it up – it will ruin your hair for days and days!
silicia hotel iceland

Iceland,Blue Lagoon,Hot Spring

What’s included with Blue Lagoon Comfort ticket?


Take your pick from a smoothie, cider, beer or cocktail. Sit back and enjoy!


The white facemask that you’ve probably seen in photos is the Silica Mud Mask. The mask is delivered at the Silica bar, located in the lagoon. You can apply as much as you want to your face and body, before leaving it on for at least 5 minutes. When you wash it off, you will feel a significant difference in the softness of your skin.


Our sauna and steam baths are a big part of the Blue Lagoon experience. Carved into the lava rock, they reflect the stunning landscape around the Blue Lagoon.


The man-made waterfall works wonders on sore shoulders and stiff muscles. On busy days you may have to wait a little while to enjoy its refreshing power.


We recommend that you take regular breaks from the water. The relaxation area, next to the changing room doors, offers comfortable seating and soothing music to relax to. It also has an amazing view, looking out across the lagoon.


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