My Before & After Weight Transformation on Cambridge Weight Plan 1:1 Diet

If you have read my other posts on Cambridge Weight Plan, or you follow me on Instagram, you will know that in the last two months I have lost a staggering 28lbs. CWP has been a highly successful weight loss plan for me personally, but remember what works for one person does not work for another, so do your research, and take it slow! Here is my Before & After Weight Transformation.

Unlike any other diet, Cambridge Weight Plan offers unique one-to-one Consultant support and an extensive range of fantastic products, with programmes that offer something for everyone whatever your circumstances or weight loss target.

Like many women my age, I have always struggled with my weight. I have always been self-conscious about my body, my lumps, my bumps and everything in between. I have also done every diet under the sun, whether branded or not.

I have starved myself; I have lost weight, put on weight and hated myself throughout the whole process. Then last March something in my mind decided enough was enough, it was about time I did something about it, and did myself a favour and finally lost the excess weight I had been carrying around for years.

I signed myself up to Cambridge Weight Plan after seeing a friend SJ Strum online, who had lost (at the time) two stone in two months, and my mind was engrossed with her weight loss, how she had done it, and how amazing she looked. I decided it was time for me to do something drastic and I headed over to their website and signed up for a consultant.

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Cambridge Weight Plan

I started on Sole Source, which you can read more about the stages here, and set to work on reaching my goal. Now, do not let this short but sweet blog post take away anything from how f**king hard this weight loss journey has been. It is not easy. It is not a walk in the park. It is all about your mindset, not what you eat. There were so many times I could have stopped and given up in the first two weeks, as they were the hardest part but as the weeks went on, it does get easier.

The following week I lost another 4lbs, the third week I lost 3lbs and the fourth week I lost another 3lbs. In total in one month, only 30 days I had lost 1 stone or 14lbs! I have to say, the dramatic loss really it was kept me going, being able to see results quick, spurred me on and kept me on track.

Then I started my second month, and as ever I was still super determined to continue! My first week of month 2 was more difficult, with a weight loss of only 1lbs, but after a chat with Viyana, I worked out why and focused my attention on week two.

On my second week, just as promised, I lost another 4lbs (and I even had a Nandos that week too, oops!), my third week I lost 4lbs, and fourth week I lost a massive 5lbs. I was back on track, and I had lost my second stone of the plan. I had now lost two stone in two months!

Cambridge Weight Plan

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In my second month, I lost most of my weight around my tummy, and other inches were lost around my arms, waist and hips. In addition, I jumped down from BMI obese to overweight – as well as jumping down a dress size from a size 16 to a size 14/12.

I am now starting my third month on CWP and I am now moving on to step 3, from step 1, incorporating real food such as salads, vegetables and greens back in to my diet.

My overall goal is to lose 3 stone (42lbs) but I know that it’ll take me a little longer than the previous two months, now I am building food back in to my diet. I also start at the gym again next week, now I am incorporating food again, so I am looking forward to seeing how my weightless continues over the coming two months.

*I am no expert on weight loss, or Cambridge Weight Plan and I am doing this weight loss plan for me, and no one else. I didn’t feel happy or comfortable before my weight loss, I was eating to fill a void, and I had put weight on over three years due to mental health issues and panic disorder. I wanted to get back to feeling myself. This plan works for me, but it won’t work for everyone, so do your research.


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