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It’s official!! I am getting invisible aligners. After years of thinking about it, I have finally decided to get my teeth sorted.

I am getting married this summer and it was a priority for me, due to the fact the photos that will be taken at our wedding will be around forever. I will be doing invisible aligners over the coming months and updating you both on my blog and on Instagram. 


What are invisible braces?

Traditional metal braces induce anxiety in a lot of people and this is one of the reasons why people who need teeth straightening usually look for other options.

Invisible braces are a great option because they are less bulky and almost unnoticeable unless someone looks really close up.

Many dentists now recommend invisible braces because they perform just as well as metal braces without embarrassment and uneasiness. However, there are certain things you should know before you get your invisible braces.

There are many teeth straightening options, and I can’t wait to share with you part of my journey. There are Invisalign braces, Smile Direct Club retainers and many more. But my recommendation would Straight My Teeth.

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Invisible braces work well in cases of mildly malaligned and crooked teeth. However, if you have a severe problem, you might need to opt for other types of braces.

To know if invisible braces are for you, talk to your dentist about it. They will examine your teeth and then make a recommendation on what types of braces would be best for you.


How much do invisible aligners cost?

One of the biggest advantages of getting invisible braces is that they are a lot cheaper than other options. Invisible braces cost a lot but they’re so worth it.

Invisible braces will cost around £2,700 for both upper and lower teeth. However, branded Invisalign braces cost up to £7,000, which is out of the range for a lot of people.

Fortunately, different companies are developing new clear brace options to reduce the clear brace cost the UK. There are many teeth straightening options out there but my favourite is Straight My Teeth, which has partnered with brace manufacturers and orthodontists to come up with a new clear aligner system that costs less than £999.

You can use these aligners for teeth straightening at home. A bonus is that Straight My Teeth also allows you to pay for your new braces in simple monthly instalments. To learn about the clear aligners from Straight My Teeth, you can find out more here.


How often do I wear my clear aligners?

Clear braces are a full-time commitment. Your dentist will recommend that you wear the invisible braces for 17-22 hours a day, every day for the length of your treatment. The braces should only be taken out to brush, floss or eat.

It is important to know that you might have some discomfort in the first few days of having them or when you go in for an alignment. However, it is important that you stick with them because the discomfort will go away and wearing them for the prescribed period will give you better results.


Tips for getting Invisible Braces

Look after your aligners

Food particles and debris can be stuck between your teeth and aligners after a meal. This is why it is so important to always brush your teeth after every meal.

Failure to do so results in a build-up of bacteria, which can lead to cavities, tooth decay and bad breath. To ensure you remember to brush your teeth after every meal, have a toothbrush in your travel bag and ensure you also have one at work.


Alignments may be needed

For some people, their teeth may be too big to fit into the braces. In such cases, the dentist will have to prepare the teeth for the braces by making some adjustments.

This often involves filing the teeth a bit to bring them in line for a better fit.

This process is completely painless and takes very little time. Your dentist will talk to you about it beforehand so you are not uncomfortable with the procedure.


Aligners can stain

As with your teeth, your clear braces can stain depending on the types of foods and drinks you consume. It is therefore important to avoid drinks like coffee when you have your braces on and only drink it during the window where you have the braces off.

Also, remember to regularly clean your braces. This will help make sure that they do not get stained and that they remain clean enough so you can maintain good oral health.

Your dentist will provide you with a cleaner as well as the right instructions that will make this easier.


Be careful on what you eat

Snacks present a few problems for people wearing braces. One of these is that you will be creating extra work for yourself if you snack between meals.

Remember that you have to remove the braces, eat, and then brush and floss. To avoid this, try to eat as much as you can when you have your braces off so you do not have to keep removing them throughout the day.

Getting clear braces is a great option for those who want to have their teeth straightened but would not want to deal with the complexities that come with having metal braces.

However, before you get the invisible braces, you should know how to take care of them and your oral health so you can have a pleasant experience when you’re wearing them.


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