INSPIRED: fashionista Grace Saunders, Circa Ibiza


After spending almost, a decade in the fashion department of Elle magazine Grace Saunders became a freelance writer while juggling three young children.

Somehow in this messy, chaotic but loving mayhem she wrote three books including the best-seller ‘The Fabulous Mum’s Handbook’. Always a lover or adventure and cultural diversity/styles Grace would pepper her working and family life with an eclectic mix of travel – road trips across Morocco, yoga retreats in India, Camel treks in Egypt and long lazy creative weeks/months in her childhood and spiritual home Ibiza.

She moved to Ibiza full time in 2012 and it was here where Grace’s family finca was nestled in the remote Northern hills. There were also some of Grace’s most loved and treasured personal collection of vintage jewels lockets and charms (each telling a story and weaving a narrative of the past and of my personality). It was here that the idea for Circa Ibiza was born. She now has five stockists in Ibiza and Formentera.

Her other passions aside books and vintage are kundalini yoga, sunrise runs and swimming under the stars, preferably with Mr S and her children bathed in the glow of the moon.


  1. Firstly, tell me a little bit about your background before starting Circa Ibiza?

My background in fashion journalism and book writing and my husband’s background in jewellery retail provided the perfect fusion and partnership for a vintage jewellery line that weaves together stories into design. Growing up in Ibiza and returning to our family finca there provided fertile creative ground in which to build on this small business.

  1. What made you follow the path to Ibiza?

My step grandmother moved to Ibiza in the 1950s and is nearly 100 and still lives there. She was followed by my father and my step mother who 30 years ago lovingly renovated and restored a 300-year-old finca in the wilderness of the Northern pine forest. My family and history are steeped in Balearic memories and traditions, from teaching my children to swim in the same bays I leapt and jumped as a child, to eating paella in the same tumbled down fish restaurants my father took me too in my teens. Having 3 children in the crazy chaos of London life it seemed the perfect time to pause on the city circus and return to a simpler life in the sun.

  1. What is it about living in Ibiza and running your own business do you love?

The light, the space, the beaches and the pace. Running our own business gives us the freedom to be creative on our own terms and experiment without limits.


  1. How does it differ to life back in London?

Now we live back in London for term time and in Ibiza for holidays and regularly for Circa work the contrast is ever apparent. While London life seems to operate in fifth gear, our time in Ibiza allows us to slow down, rejuvenate and re-connect without the hustle and bustle, congestion and tight schedules.

  1. Where is your favourite place to truly relax?

The bays along the costal Portinax road or in a hammock under the apricot and carob trees in our finca garden.

  1. What is your favourite gadget when you are on you are on the road?

iPhone speaker. iPhone camera.


  1. Are you a coffee or a tea kind of girl?

I gave up caffeine several months ago so have replaced cortados with Pukka teas.

  1. What are your five top travel experiences to date?
  • arriving at Memba island, Zanzibar for my honeymoon 16 years ago
  • tuk tuk races in Mumbai with my family
  • Kundalini yoga retreat in Goa earlier this year
  • Turning up in Ibiza to live with my family of five and a truck full of boxes
  • Teaching my first born to walk on the white sands of Anguilla
  1. If someone reading this wanted to up-sticks and begin a new life in a different country what advice would you give them?

Trial it for a year first, rent out your house and rent abroad. Dive into the culture head-first.


  1. What’s next for Grace and Circa Ibiza?!

Enhancing this Ibiza-London work/life balance…more kundalini yoga…more exciting stockists…more spontaneous moments on the island I love.

  1. And finally, who is your ultimate travel partner?

Mr S. Partner in travel, adventure, Circa Ibiza and love


Thank you to Grace for taking part in this interview series INSPIRED. To hear more inspirational words from incredible ladies who have challenged the norm tune in next month!

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