GOODBYE, 2020! HELLO, 2021…

How is it the end of 2020 already?! This year has been one of the toughest, challenging and emotionally draining years I’ve ever experienced and I am sure that’s the same for you too.

2020 was the year we didn’t see coming and it really has been a whirlwind.

The year started off great and I headed off to Scotland for a long weekend, and then I spent a week in Sri Lanka with Sandy exploring this wonderful gem on an island. What I didn’t realise during the trip to Sri Lanka at the end of February was that it would be one of only two trips I would take abroad in 2020 (the other being France in July).

Not long after I returned from Sri Lanka, the world changed and life would never be the same again. 

Whilst 2020 has been a year of sadness and challenges, it has also been transformational for many of us. It’s made us look inwards, evaluate our priorities, look at our life and where it’s going, never take family and friends for granted and change our outlook on life. 

It’s been a year where we’ve all been able to learn, grow and heal. And maybe 2020 was what we all needed.

As I head offline for Christmas, I wanted to send a wrap-up email you to my wonderful followers. To say thank you for being so amazing. You have supported me through this year, by engaging, sharing, liking and reading my content and it means the world to me. 

There’s so much I’ve got to share with you both in the coming month, but also in 2021. There’s a house move looming, a wedding to plan (AHHH!!!), an exciting announcement and lots more. As well as lots of travels in 20201 – I hope!

Stay tuned for updates of my travels over on Instagram! 

Sending you tons of love of positivity. Until next time…

Sophie xxx

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