Cambridge Weight Plan Side Effects

There’s lots of things you need to know before taking part in the Cambridge Weight Plan. Cambridge Weight Plan helps dieters shed weight faster than most other plans, thanks to its extremely low calorie limit. 

While positive results of following the Cambridge Weight Plan might include substantial weight loss, some people who have tried the diet have claimed that they suffered a few side effects such as bad breath and constipation. Here are some of the Cambridge Weight Plan Side Effects…

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 Cambridge Weight Plan


Bad breath

Bad breath can occur and is often made worse by not drinking enough fluid. Use a mouthwash, carry a mouth spray with you or drink some water. Your breath will soon be fresh again.


Occasionally, during the initial few days, a person may experience carbohydrate or caffeine withdrawal and may develop a headache. This is a temporary side effect and should be tolerated where possible. You may find a simple painkiller such as paracetamol may help. Insufficient fluid intake could also cause mild dehydration and an ensuing headache. Ensure that you are drinking the recommended amount of water.

Feeling cold

This is due to a reduced thermogenic response to a reduced food intake. Large meals cause the body to generate a lot of body heat, while smaller meals produce less heat. Individuals differ widely in their thermogenic response. Your hands and feet may feel particularly cold – this is a normal response. Your body is trying to conserve heat and energy due to the reduced calorie intake.


Less frequent bowel movements may occur because Cambridge Weight Plan products are not as bulky as normal food. To combat this keep well hydrated and drink at least 2.25 litres/ 4 pints of fluid daily in addition to the water used to mix your products.

If you have previously suffered with constipation, let your Consultant know before you start. Adding Cambridge Fibre to your shakes from day one may help avoid constipation.

 Cambridge Weight Plan

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*I am no expert on weight loss, or Cambridge Weight Plan and I am doing this weight loss plan for me, and no one else. I didn’t feel happy or comfortable before my weight loss, I was eating to fill a void, and I had put weight on over three years due to mental health issues and panic disorder. I wanted to get back to feeling myself. This plan works for me, but it won’t work for everyone, so do your research.


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Cambridge Weight Plan Side Effects

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