Cambridge Weight Plan Side Effects (1:1 Diet)

There are lots of things you need to know before taking part in the Cambridge Weight Plan, including the side effects you may experience during the undertaking of the diet.

Cambridge Weight Plan helps dieters shed weight faster than most other plans, due to its extremely low-calorie limit.

Since I’ve been posting more content about my experience of Cambridge Weight Plan 1:1 Diet, a lot of you have been asking me what the side effects I experienced were. 

While positive results of following the Cambridge Weight Plan might include substantial weight loss, some people who have tried the diet have claimed that they suffered a few side effects such as bad breath and constipation.

But bare in mind side effects of the Cambridge diet are expected and like me, you just need to ride them out.

Here are some of the Cambridge Weight Plan side effects I dealt with…

Cambridge Weight Plan

Cambridge Weight Plan Side Effects

Cambridge weight plan is an intense diet program and from the moment you start this diet, you are shocking your body, especially if you go from eating quite a high-level amount of food, which I’m sure you would be if you’re going on Cambridge Weight Plan in the first place.

The side effects of Cambridge diet are normal and to be expected due to the lack of food you are giving your body.

It’s important to remember that step one is intense, and its 600 calories a day so if you’ve been going from 2400 calories a day, for example, you are cutting out a huge amount of calories from your normal eating patterns. Of course, your Cambridge consultant might say that it’s better for you to go onto maybe step two or step three, to begin with.

And work your way down first before going on step one and because of how intense step one can be for your body. That’s really the reason why you’re getting side-effects. 



One of the first side effects of Cambridge diet you’ll get is likely to be headaches from the moment I started came to weight plan I just had this like niggling headache right here for like four or five days and it just would not budge. But of course, I did my research and I spoke to my consultant who was always at the end of the phone and she, of course, said explained further why this was happening.

She told me that ‘why wouldn’t you get headaches because you were eating a huge amount of carbohydrates which has a lot of sugar in it and now you’ve taken that away’ and it’s true I had been eating a lot of biscuits, chocolate, sweets and fizzy drinks and then also alcohol and caffeine.

So your body is obviously expecting that amount of sugar or carbohydrates every day and when you go into Cambridge Weight Pan as you did on step one like me, MY BODY REACTED! 

My body was like ‘hey excuse me what are you doing where’s my caffeine my sugar my carbohydrates’ and instead I was giving it 600 calories instead. 

I found headaches were the biggest side effect but it does pass and within about seven days I did find that most of my headaches had subsided with a large glass of water. And of course, meditation is also great for getting rid of headaches and clearing your mind. 



The second thing side effects of Cambridge diet you will possibly have is constipation. Now I didn’t have this problem because without sounding really random I have really good bowel movements already and this was not affected whilst I was on Cambridge Weight Plan.

But I’ve heard from quite a lot of people that they experience really bad to constipation within the first couple of weeks of doing Cambridge Weight Plan.

Less frequent bowel movements may occur because Cambridge Weight Plan products are not as bulky as normal food. To combat this keep well hydrated and drink at least 2.25 litres/ 4 pints of fluid daily in addition to the water used to mix your products.

There is, of course, a lot of things you can do; I believe have a product which you can take alongside your food and it’s something you add to water and it does help constipation I believe. It is full of fibroids and it’s vegan and it should help with constipation if that’s something that you struggle with. If you have previously suffered from constipation, let your Consultant know before you start. Adding Cambridge Fibre to your shakes from day one may help avoid constipation.

I won’t advise on anything else for constipation because I didn’t experience this myself, however, the minute I started Cambridge Weight Plan and I was drinking 3 litres of water a day and I did find that I was going to the toilet a lot, not for bowel movements but because I was weeing every 20 minutes.


Bad breath

The third side effects of Cambridge diet is bad breath. Bad breath can occur and is often made worse by not drinking enough fluid. Use a mouthwash, carry a mouth spray with you or drink some water. 

I googled it and it’s to do with your body letting go of all the toxins due to ketosis. Your body is simply letting out all of the bad stuff that was previously in your body, like when you do
ketosis on any other diet and I found I would have quite bad breath in the early stages of CWP.

So I did suffer from bad breath quite a lot in the first couple of weeks just as my body went straight ‘smack bang’ into ketosis on step one, but I just made sure I carried around mints and brushed my teeth three times a day. I also took my toothbrush to work with me, until it goes away.


Feeling cold

Another Cambridge diet side effects are due to a reduced thermogenic response to reduced food intake. Large meals cause the body to generate a lot of body heat, while smaller meals produce less heat. Individuals differ widely in their thermogenic response. Your hands and feet may feel particularly cold – this is a normal response. Your body is trying to conserve heat and energy due to the reduced calorie intake.


Always hungry

And of course, the last Cambridge diet side effects is portion control and feeling hungry all the time. Although of course this one is expected considering the reason you are on the diet in the first place. 

I was constantly hungry all the time so I found the first two weeks of doing the diet plan to be really difficult and I really struggled. I felt hungry 24 hours a day and my tummy rumbled every possible moment. 

I did find that after the two weeks/three weeks/four weeks my body adjusted and my stomach obviously shrunk to a smaller size which meant that I felt hungry less I didn’t eat as big three

I adapted to my own portion control because then I stopped the minute I got full, but I would say that it’s a side effect because it is something you have to consider with Cambridge weight plan.

So that’s my top five side effects for CWP, but of course, there are personal to me and if you have any questions please contact your consultant.


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Cambridge Weight Plan

*I am no expert on weight loss, or Cambridge Weight Plan and I am doing this weight loss plan for me, and no one else. I didn’t feel happy or comfortable before my weight loss, I was eating to fill a void, and I had put weight on over three years due to mental health issues and panic disorder. I wanted to get back to feeling myself. This plan works for me, but it won’t work for everyone, so do your research.


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