Modern Digital Nomad Jobs: 5 Destinations For Digital Nomads To Stay

Digital nomads live their lives to the beat of their own drum. Location independence for your career is gaining traction and more people are considering this dynamic lifestyle. But what are the best digital nomad destinations? What are the best digital nomad jobs? And where should you go in 2019?

Part of living a nomadic lifestyle is being about to work remotely. Travelling the world with devices such as laptops, mobiles close by means that millions can now work anywhere they choose – so long as there is an internet connection. Their technology is the passport they need to connect with clients. Whether inputting data, invoicing, running a rar extractor for Mac, or contacting new clients, the technology and the internet is a necessity for all nomads. 

Digital Nomad Jobs

Top ​10 Digital Nomad Destinations 

  1. ​Cape Town, South Africa
  2. Medellin, Colombia
  3. ​Lisbon, Portugal
  4. ​Canggu, Bali, Indonesia
  5. ​Chiang Mai, Thailand
  6. ​Mexico City, Mexico
  7. ​Barcelona, Spain
  8. ​Seoul, South Korea
  9. ​Budapest, Hungary
  10. London, United Kingdom


If you’re in awe of the digital nomad lifestyle and have an unsettling urge to travel (or never really liked the idea of being bound to live in one place your entire life), the digital nomad lifestyle could potentially be your calling. If you’re looking at potential places to visit/live, here are a few popular places amongst laptop entrepreneurs and freelancers. Whether to sample new cultures and cuisines, find an area with digital nomad communities to be apart of or to look for cost-effective places to live, there are a few travel destinations to suit you.

Last year I traveled to 11 countries on three continents, whilst maintaining a full time job and a nomadic job, which meant I could travel more and earn more. 2018 was the best year yet…

Digital Nomad Jobs

So you want a digital nomad job? Keep reading…


Cape Town, South Africa 

Home to the Table Mountain and Cape Point, well known for its surrounding wine regions and of course being the hometown of Nelson Mandela, this particular destination is steeped in history and culture. Which is sure to whet the appetite of the curious digital nomad. Whether you are seeking inspiration for your work from the winner of the Design Capital of The World Award or you want to soak up the sun while relaxing on Clifton 4th beach, you are spoilt for things to see and discover in Cape Town.

Medellin, Columbia

A new city on the top spot is Medellin, Colombia as it’s offers nomadic career driven millenials an amazing place to live and work from. The food is amazing, it’s incredibly affordable to live here and there are an array of co-working spaces in this digital nomad community.

Digital Nomad Jobs

Canggu, Bali

The Indonesian Island of Bali has previously been identified as a favourite amongst hipsters and bohemians with plenty of fun things to do. However, in recent years it has emerged as an increasingly popular spot for digital nomads also, particularly in Canggu. With its broad scope of coworking offices, ideal for those wanting to work amongst other travellers and entrepreneurs, make connections or perhaps even collaborate. Apart from the distinct, beautiful scenery beaches renowned for surfing, and a range of restaurants/nightlife such as Old Mans on the beach you are also able to live well here on a budget. Therefore, Canggu, Bali is an excellent place for those who want to save some of their hard-earned money to travel elsewhere in the future.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is the new favourite many thousands of digital nomads across the world, as it offers an alternative summer spot to work and live from. The city is absolutely stunning yet the cost of living is inexpensive compared to the West of Europe and the coffee scene for nomads is great. It’s an alternative city, with lots of co-working opportunities, and good links to the rest of Europe. 

Digital Nomad Jobs

Lisbon, Portugal

For those exploring the possibility of being apart of a tight-knit digital nomad community, to taste delicious cuisine, to enjoy a budget-friendly stay and of course experience beautiful weather in a modern metropolis, you may want to plan a visit to Lisbon in Portugal. And don’t forget to view the landmark Torre De Belem and the National Tile Museum to! 


As with all digital nomads, they are, by nature, keen to explore what the world has to offer. And so, they are also free to pick and choose what places are right for their persona. Although the areas above are popular, you may be looking for somewhere off the beaten track! Which is fine, just be sure to check if there is internet access before you go to avoid the issue of not being able to work once you arrive.


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Thank you for reading and as always happy adventuring! 

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