How much does Cambridge Weight Plan cost?

One of the hottest diets right now – Cambridge Weight Plan as it claims it can help dieters shed weight faster than most other plans, thanks to its extremely low calorie limit. But how much does it cost?! I get asked this question every – single – week! So here goes… The price can vary depending on your plan, but generally ranges from around £2.40 per meal.

The weekly price of meals is £50.40, which works out to be significantly cheaper than other weight loss programmes such as Lighter Life (£72.40 per week) and Slim-Fast (£68.60). The weekly cost is based on three products a day and a one-to-one session with your Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant.

Obviously as you move off Step 1 (Sole Source) to other steps such as Step 3-6, the price goes down as you are eating less CWP products, and therefore buying less CWP products. I am now going on to Step 3 and I am spending around £30 a week.


Cambridge Weight Plan

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Cambridge Weight Plan


*I am no expert on weight loss, or Cambridge Weight Plan and I am doing this weight loss plan for me, and no one else. I didn’t feel happy or comfortable before my weight loss, I was eating to fill a void, and I had put weight on over three years due to mental health issues and panic disorder. I wanted to get back to feeling myself. This plan works for me, but it won’t work for everyone, so do your research.