Hand Luggage Essentials for a Long-Haul Flight

After decades of constant flying and non-stop travel around the world, hand luggage packing has become my forte. I can pack my hand luggage with my eyes closed, but hey, that doesn’t mean I haven’t learn’t as I went along. Trust me there have been times where I’ve pack countless items of clothing, a gazillion magazines, and a faulty pair of headphones.

What you pack in your hand luggage can have a huge effect on your overall experience when flying. Therefore, I’ve popped together a post all about the essential items I pack in my hand luggage, both practical and stylish.


1. Neck Pillow – Most long-haul airlines will have neck supports in the chair, but for some reason my head still manages to fall to the side so I still take a neck pillow of my own for comfort.

2. Noise cancelling headphones – Keeping both the audio in, and the noise out. Perfect also for sleeping as it will block out everyone around you.

3. Giant scarf/shawl – Acts just like a blanket, and can keep you warm during the flight. Most airlines will give you a blanket but often they’re itchy and irritating!

4. Laptop and camera – I keep these items with me at all times – I never tend to do any work on the flight, but I couldn’t cope with life if I lost either of them.

4. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream – Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream 50 ml is a ‘must-have’ in makeup bags around the world. Deeply moisturising and richly nourishing, perfect for flying long haul and keeping your skin silky smooth.

5. A pen – For the pesky immigration cards, or landing cards. However, also worth noting keep it somewhere handy, as I always pack one but can then never find it.

6. Tisserand Pulse Point Roller Ball – Travel Survival Kit – This Tisserand rollerball kit contains three essential blends to help support your mood whilst travelling, whether for business or pleasure. The bottles are small enough to carry with you throughout your trip to help you deal with the various stresses of getting from ‘A’ to ‘B’.

7. Multi-vitamins and painkillers – Worth to keep with you, so you can hit the ground running when you land on the other side.

8. Your favourite socks – Make sure you pack a pair of your comfiest socks for the plane so you can keep your feet warm and feel like your at home.

9. Eye mask – just in case you end up in a seat near the toilet or next to a passenger who reads for the whole flight.

10. Outfit change – Much like why I take my laptop with me, you should take an outfit change (just in case your hold luggage gets lost.) If you’re on a long flight you may also want to shower at your stop off and change outfits.

11. Lightweight clothing – A pair of lightweight trousers are always good to have on a long haul flight as they’re comfortable, easy to wear and light to pack’.

12. A Smart Watch – Technology and travel has always gone hand-in-hand, with we have increasingly digitally managed lives. The internet and smartphones have changed how we travel; we can book our hotels online, send reviews, order currency, check-in on our mobile, find local restaurant, translate languages and much more. A recent infographic by Pro Brand looks at the many ways the internet and Smart Watches have improved our travel experiences, and that is why it is the last item on my list of essentials for any flight. Check out the infographic below.


Are there any essentials that I have missed? Let me know in the comments!

*This is a collaborative post.