Hire a Campervan with Travellers Autobarn Australia

When you think about Australia, you think campervan. Well that’s what I did when I was planning my trip down the east coast. It made sense to hire a campervan for some of the way at least, so that you could really get a feel of Australia and see things that being on a bus just doesn’t give you. So we decided to hire a campervan from Brisbane to Sydney for 10 days with campervan company Travellers Autobarn Australia.

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Hiring a camper and going on a road trip is an awesome way to see the east coast of Australia and beyond! Chat to the guys at RatPack Travel to get 10% discount off campervans using the promo code SOPHIE10! To book your tour contact Sammy at [email protected]

Australia road trip


Being on the Greyhound bus is great! Free wifi, no hassle, they drive you and sometimes you can even get a sleeper bus and arrive at your destination however you don’t have freedom. You can’t however nip to the shop 5km away without a car or go to the zoo 29km away without jumping on public transport, however with a campervan you can!

I had previously clocked the company when trailing through travel websites and in STA Travel, however it wasn’t until I contacted head office and asked for a quote that I was delighted with my choice and decided to go with them. I was in regular contact with a lady at head office who was amazing and answered all my questions about the hiring of the campervan and the admin side of it as well.

Even when I went in to their Cairns branch to pay the deposit, the woman was lovely and she not only guided me through the deposit process, she also offered help with finding the depots, handing me a guide book and letting me know of changes that had happened recently.

What van did we go for?

2-berth campervan (in plain English – a camper for 2 people)
You certainly won’t have any trouble finding 2-berth vans in Australia, or vans in general but two berths are the most popular amongst travellers and backpackers. They are compact and simple but they do the job and they have everything you’ll need for a two week trip inside their five doors.
2-berth vans are ideal for couples or best mates and are ideal if you are travelling for up to a month but anymore than that and I would go for a three bed or four bed simply for more space.

2-berth vans are easy to find parking for and cause no headaches when heading towards shopping malls, as the traditional vans are low enough to fit into every car park. They also fit well inside the side street parking spaces so there’s no need to drive a mile outside of town looking for a space big enough!

Travellers Autobarn

Travellers Autobarn

Our van came fully equipped with:

Lounge/table area
Foldaway table
Double bed big enough for two people (very spacious actually!)
Sleeping bags, bed sheet and pillows
Cool box for all your fridge food
Gas cooker in the back
Push down water sink
Electricity throughout the van
Lighting throughout
2-4 plug access points (two in the back and two under the seats)
iPhone/iPod cable for the radio
Lots lots more!

All the extras did cost more, however you are welcome to bring your own with you instead of paying the extra for theirs. If you are doing a long trip it may well be worth buying your own equipment and sleeping bags but for the ten days we had the van it was really nice to give it all back at the end of the trip.

As a company Travellers’ Autobarn were great and they made sure we knew what we were doing before we drove away, told us all about the van and how it worked, they even reversed it out of the depot for us, and spent time with us going over the van showing us what did what. Once we were on the road, we also felt very secure and safe and knew if anything did go wrong they would be there to help or aid us in anyway they could.
I would definitely recommend booking a van through Travellers’ Autobarn as they are reliable, friendly, informative and most importantly for any backpacker, they are affordable.

We hired our campervan from Travellers’ Autobarn are an Australian company based across Australia. They have depots in Cairns, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. They have vans available for hire for all budgets and can always offer you a very good quote if you book in advance.