How to Spend 1 Day in Paris

If you love Paris even just a little bit as much as I do, you’ll know how amazing the city is. For me, even spending 1 day in Paris is enough for me. It gives me a small dose of love, croissants and art.

I have been to Paris 3 times and on my most recent trip (pre lockdown) I didn’t want to do the typically tourist weekend.

I have seen the Mona Lisa, climbed the Eiffel Tower and shopped the Champs-Élysées. I do highly recommend hitting these spots if you haven’t visited Paris before, but on this trip, I wanted to do something a little different. I wanted to embrace the Parisian way and find the art in doing nothing.

Getting to Paris has never been easier or more convenient so there really is no excuse not to visit this magical city and spend 1 day in Paris. 

Like many I have been binge-watching Emily in Paris on Netflix, so thought now was the perfect time to update you all on how you can do Paris like Emily would (minus PFW).

I have put together my top 10 picks for an alternative Paris which I’ve to know doubt Emily would agree with.

Here are my top 10 recommendations to get the most of the city of love!

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one day in paris

1 Day in Paris

1. If you are arriving via Eurostar (highly recommended), then jump in an uber when you get to Gare Du Nord, it saves you waiting around 45 minutes in a taxi queue and you avoid thinking about that scene from Taken – Liam Neeson can’t save us all! Alternatively, you can get the Metro, the Paris Metro is very easy to get to grips with.

2. Make sure you know where and who your host is if you’ve booked an Airbnb.

3. Gather some information about the area you’re staying in. As I mentioned, we stayed in Le Marais which was a wonderful spot. It is full of history. Historically, it was the Jewish Quarter and you will see many plaques commemorating the adults and children who were picked up by the Nazis and sent to the camps. In fact, these plaques are everywhere.

4. Explore The Latin Quarter, the nearest Metro is St. Michel.

5. Why not Cruise on Canal St. Martin rather than taking a very boring (trust me I’ve done it twice) audio cruise tour along the River Seine. If you’re feeling adventurous, hire your own boat here.

6. Pick up some French pastries and have a picnic by the River Seine (weather depending). Best bakeries: Arnaud delmontel, Au Duc de la Chapelle, Polaine or Maison Kayser. Head to their websites and drool over their fabulous looking pastries, it will make you book a trip RN!

1 days in paris

7. Visit The Tuilleries Gardens

8. Instead of being overcharged for an afternoon cocktail on the Champs-Élysées, head to Ines de la fressange for an afternoon of shopping and drinks.

9. For fabulous traditional French food head to Bouillon Chartier or Restaurant Josephine Chez Dumonet for their Beef Bourguignon or my personal recommendation would be Le Petit Châtelet, situated right next to the Notre Dame and with an exceptional Snail Pie on the menu, you can’t go wrong! Now the staff here hardly speak any English, which is highly refreshing/ can be highly confusing – this combination makes for a fun evening!

10. If you are someone who loves brunch, then you can’t beat a trip to Café De Flore. They have all the French classic and more! Do keep in mind though, they don’t do prosecco babe – only Champagne at this upper-class establishment.

So whether you are planning a trip to Paris in the next few weeks, or are looking to go when you can holiday like we used to be able to, the places I have mentioned will not go out of style, unlike Pierre Cadault.


I hope you have an amazing 1 Day in Paris!!! I’d love to know where you go and what you do, so message me on Instagram. 


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