Enter the secret world of The Hospital Club

Please enter the secret world of The Hospital Club…

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I was so thankful when I stumbled across this gem in the centre of Covent Garden only this summer. The Hospital Club was founded by Paul Allen and Dave Stewart in 2004 with the unique 15 bedrooms added early this year.

Me and Theo stayed at The Hospital Club when we were in London in August visiting friends and it was a rare chance to stay in central London and really enjoy the bright lights of the city. These days it is rare for me and Theo to afford a classy night in a London hotel now we pay for expensive rent and trillions of other outgoings.

The story behind the club follows the story of Paul and Dave having a drink in Covent Garden one night when they spotted a boarded-up building, the former St Paul’s Hospital. They hatched a plan to revive the building and transform it into a hub of creativity – full of people, ideas, music and life – and in 2004, The Hospital Club was born. Allen and Stewart decided they wanted to create a place where artists of all industries could come together and “Create. Connect. Collaborate.”

Now in its second decade, the club has gone from strength to strength, with the creation of the new charitable h.Club Foundation, its commitment to sustainability, the h.Club 100 awards, the Club Art programme and much more.

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Inside the club there is a restaurant, four bars, 15 bedrooms, a screening room, function areas and gallery space. Few London hotels can compete for entertainment and socialising opportunities and they really do set the standard for trendy nights away.

Unlike many other hotels I have visited they often have an air of stuffy and old-fashioned however The Hospital Club simply oozes trendy chic. From the atmosphere to the staff the club is exactly what I was looking for from a hotel.

The atmosphere across the hotel is fresh and welcoming and the interior design of the club means you feel right at home as soon as you walk through the door. The cool décor exudes a relaxed vibe with a sprinkle of modern day media advances.

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Because of the membership it is obvious it is a sweet deal for Londoner’s but it is also appealing for those like myself and Theo who love a weekend away in London with a central location. It is a perfect location for an out-of-towner as you can jump on the tube at Covent Garden and Holborn only a few minutes away. You can also walk down to Leicester Square within five minutes and all the shopping you could ever need is a 10 minute walk away on Oxford Street.

Covent Garden is the perfect location with the closeness to the main areas but offers you an escape from the chaos. We felt truly relaxed as we looked out from our balcony across London finding it hard to believe the streets below were full of revellers off on an evening out in central London.

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Our Room

Now, the best part is the rooms, more than once I said ‘I might never leave this room’ and it was certainly true, the suite (yes suite) we stayed in was incredible. The 400sq/foot suite was impressive from the minute you walked through the door, dazzling you with unique décor I had never experienced anywhere before.

From the incredible in-house room service or the pre-made cocktails in the room bar, you really could check in the room in the afternoon and check out in the morning without leaving the confinements of your beautiful room.

The rooms, designed by the Russell Sage studio, are incredibly apt to the concept of the club with a trendy styled theme throughout the room. The various 15 rooms come in various sizes, styles and themes: small, medium, large and suite. The suite is what we had booked and it was equipped with a vast bathroom with roll-top bath and shower for two, a sitting room, the bedroom and a private balcony looking over Covent Garden.

The rooms all have state of the art technology with iPod docks, a radio, large TV as standard and Wi-Fi as standard.

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Little touches

The staff are very good indeed and once a problem arose they rectified the issue quickly and smoothly with minimal impact.

There was a little rubber duck in the bath and obviously the minute we settled in the room I turned on the taps and jumped in the bath with the complimentary bath products. I had such a relaxing half an hour with my book whilst Theo chilled out on the balcony watching a re-run of This Is England.

And the best bit?

The complimentary cocktail trolley that comes round to all of the rooms at 7pm. We had a lovely Portuguese cocktail maker and he made two amazing Vodka Martinis right in front of us in the room – this little touch was great and we were super impressed by the friendliness and professionalism of our cocktail man.

The Hospital Club, 24 Endell Street, London WC2 (020 7170 9100;


Disclaimer: I was a guest of The Hospital Club but, as always all thoughts are my own. I only endorse services or products I really love.

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  • Carolin
    October 7, 2016 at 1:39 pm

    I’ve been to The Hospital Club a few times for blogging events. Didn’t know you can also stay there overnight, thanks so much for sharing! Also I love your blog picture in the sidebar. I’m originally from Berlin so seeing the Brandenburg Gate makes me happy. Have a great start to the weekend!

    Caz | Style Lingua