The Blue Lagoon Malta: A Day Trip

The Blue Lagoon Malta is famous in Comino for its mesmerising waters and jaw-dropping scenery. It’s well worth a trip as you can go snorkelling and swim in the cool clear waters and the take in the area’s dazzling beauty.

Only 3.5 square kilometres, Comino is car-free and apart from one hotel, is virtually uninhabited but it does have the stunning Blue Lagoon Malta. And other beaches on the island include Santa Marija Bay and San Niklaw Bay.

We opted to visit the Blue Lagoon Malta on the fourth day of our trip, a Tuesday and early morning. This tactic ultimately paid off, and we managed to see the lagoon in all its wonder before the crowds arrived.

As soon as you arrive at Comino Island, you will see how crazy popular this place is. Arrive early and there will be slightly less people around, which is what I would recommend but get to 10.30am onwards and there are 100’s of people arriving at once. Normally, anything so touristy puts me off a bit, but this place is worth it.

This is one of the best ways to spend your 7 days in Malta!

Here’s my experience taking a day trip to the Blue Lagoon in Malta….



  • Bring your own food and drinks – there are some stands but they are super expensive, as you can imagine!
  • Get to the ferry port early in order to get a good sea!Shop around for your excursion – there are so many reps selling trips so make sure you get the best offer
  • You can hire deckchairs and umbrellas. Our deal with € 20 for two deckchairs and an umbrella. It’s worth paying for I think!
  • You can hire lockers for about € 5
  • If you want to break away from the crowd for a while head to Santa Maria or St. Nicholas Bay
  • There is a shuttle bus to Santa Maria Bay which costs € 5 per person if you don’t fancy he walk
  • Get there before 10am for a more serene experience of the lagoon
  • Save some cash, some places don’t take card
  • Bring your own sunscreen, towel and water so you don’t have to pay



Blue Lagoon Malta

Blue Lagoon Malta

Blue Lagoon Malta


Comino Island is located between Malta and Gozo. You can go to the Blue Lagoon Malta by ferry or with a boat excursion. The boat ride to Comino Island is incredibly picturesque. Have your camera ready for shots of the beautiful caves and sea cliffs along the route there. We opted for a bus from Mellieha to Cirkewwa, and then jumped on the coop ferry to the lagoon. You can do group tours and excursions, but we wanted more freedom and found it suited us better.

Coop Ferry: Jump on at Cirkewwa (northern Malta) to the Blue Lagoon Malta for usually around €10 per person (round trip). This trip takes around 20-25 mins.

Boat excursion: from almost every tourist hotspot, like Sliema, Valletta, St. Paul’s Bay or Bugibba, you can book a boat excursion to the Blue Lagoon Malta. There are different options including:
• Supreme power boat, 4 hours, from € 45
• Day cruise with ‘Captain Morgan’, 6.3 hours, from € 20



Throughout the entire summer the lagoon is likely to be packed – it might be worth visiting in May-June and September-October if you don’t like crowds. However if you have to visit in summer, then go early and I mean early. We got up at 7am, and were on a bus by 7.30am – we got to the ferry for, ready for their first ferry of the day at 8.30am (they put an extra one on in the summer subject to availability!)


Blue Lagoon Malta

Blue Lagoon Malta


Make sure you take a walk – it’s tempting when you arrive to go straight down to the water but I’d go up to the top first and take in the views across the bay. And maybe even take a walk around the island – the island is very small. And only a 25-minute walk away is Santa Maria Bay, which has lovely sand and is less crowded too. Another beach is located at the San Niklaw Bay and I heard it is also worth a visit! We didn’t have time to visit either of these as the sun was getting too hot for Arabella and we needed to grab lunch back in Malta.

The Blue Lagoon is shallow. It’s basically a giant swimming pool. The water is calm, shallow, and crystal clear. It’s a good place to snorkel or just enjoy the warm water.



There’s lots to do here. You can swim, snorkel, walk, make pictures, do cliff jumping, go water skiing, sun bath, relax and much more!


Gozo Island and Comino Island are both less than 30 minutes from the main island of Malta.



Comino is small, and I wouldn’t actually recommend staying here, unless you like the seclusion. It’s a tiny island, with no amenities. Comino has one resort hotel, which is ideal for those looking for a tranquil getaway.


Blue Lagoon Malta


I flew to Malta with the wonderful team at Jet2 Holidays on a package holiday, including flights, accommodation and transfers. We stayed at the lovely Maritim Antonine Hotel in Mellieha Bay. For more information and to book your own trip to Malta visit Jet2 Holidays.


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