Travel Hacks: Round The World Trip Planner

Isn’t travel just the best thing in the world? And on my bucket list, like millions of others, is a round the world trip, which is where this planner comes in. When anyone mentions a round the world trip, the thoughts are how expensive that would be. Certainly most people would think it is out of their financial reach, but in reality, it need not be as costly as you may think. 

The fictional Phileas Fogg did it in 80 days; in 1890, journo Nellie Bly completed it in 72; in 2014, a non-supersonic aircraft set a westbound world record of 48 hours and 42 minutes. There’s just something special about the idea of a round-the-world (RTW) trip, so it’s no surprise that most travellers want to do it. But when it comes to circumnavigating the globe, where do you begin?

Round The World Trip Planner


A round the world flight enables you to discover multiple countries around the world with one all-inclusive flight itinerary. If you want to go for one month or over a year, with some great advice, detailed research and these top tips can make that happen! Generally, most people do a round the world trip in 6 or 12 months – but if you’ve only got the ‘standard’ four weeks annual leave or want to travel on your uni break, you can still travel the world. And if you want to explore more places within one country too, you can also grab yourself multi-stop city flights to explore a region in more detail.

How do you start planning?

So you’ve saved your money, you’ve decided to take the plunge, but where do you start? The most important thing to do first is decide where you want to go! And what you want to see. I would suggest drawing up a shortlist, getting a map out and circling the places you want to visit, and then trying to create some sort of route according to what’s near to each other. Once you’ve identified the must-sees, you can begin to join the dots. It’s also important to think about your mode of transport, as they may change your length of time of the trip and how you get there. Do you want to sail, cycle or fly?

Next, outline your budget, which will partly determine the duration and scope of your adventure. Remember, it’s not just a case of paying for flights – your available cash will dictate whether you stay in hotels, hostels, campsites or on couches; you’ll also need to budget for insurance, visas, vaccinations and other travel essentials.

Round The World Trip Planner

Top tips for a Round the World Trip

Here are some top tips for how to save some money….

Rent A Campervan

If you rent a campervan you can travel wherever you want and not have to worry about accommodation. Especially in countries with lots of wide-open spaces, such as Australia, New Zealand and America, you can spend a lot of time travelling the state highways in the USA or going through the outback in Australia. The campervan will give you the spontaneity to move around as you wish and you will be able to choose how short or long you stay anywhere.

You will also be able to cut back on living expenses as you will not have to pay camping fees and will be able to keep food in the back.

Use Airbnb

Airbnb can be a great way to find cheap accommodation, but because it is not costly does not mean it is not good. There are professional people who spend a lot of time travelling with their work, and use Airbnb management services to ensure that their properties are always maintained to the highest standards. You will find houses, villas, and apartments all over the world on Airbnb.

Avoid The Big Cities

The big cities are the costliest part of any country and although you might want to wander into one for a day to see the sights, generally you should try to avoid them. Even things such as parking your vehicle or just having a cup of coffee will cost you a lot more in a big city.

Shop At The Local Supermarkets

Find the supermarket that the locals shop in because that is where you will find the cheapest food. The multinational companies are often importing foods and that makes them more expensive. The local supermarkets are more likely to be selling fresh produce that has been sourced in the region, and their own brand items are usually pretty good too.

Shopping in this way will also give you the chance to try some of the foods specific to the country you are in.

Find Work

Quite often when you are travelling you can find some work. Teaching English is a popular choice, especially if you are in China, Asia or South America. In farming countries, you can help to pick the harvests or if you have some special skill, such as being a chef, you will not find it too hard to find work for a while.

Leave The Souvenirs On The Shelves

Souvenirs can be costly and they take up room in your case or rucksack. Don’t spend your money on them or burden yourself with more things to carry. You can take lots of photos on your smartphone, and some people do things such as pick up a small pebble off every beach they visit.

Travelling the world can be a wonderful experience, just plane it and be prepared to have fun.


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