Top Tips for Selling Your Home

After a chaotic year of trying to sell our home three times, I thought I would pull together a blog post all about my top tips for selling your home. 

We sold with Purple Bricks which meant we were responsible for both prepping the house internally and also doing the viewings. This gave us a great insight into what home buyers are looking for, and what puts people off. 

A homeowner is generally always keeping an eye on what the value of their home is. Whether they are looking to sell it or not, they will always look for their property to go in an upward direction. In order for them to ensure this happens, they must make sure they keep the home in good conditions but also continuously improve/modernise it.

We learnt a lot through our time selling our house and I wanted to share those with you. Here are 5 things you could do that will improve the value of your home….

Top Tips for Selling Your Home

Improve the Garden

If you are lucky enough to have a garden, then this is something that usually catches the eye of anyone looking to purchase the home and has become more of a priority.

As there are more people now working from home on a more regular basis, it is important to people that they have a nice garden that they can utilise more, especially in the summer month.

People do many different things to their gardens which can include grass, artificial grass, gravel, decking and flower decks.

Depending on the size of the garden will determine the improvement initiatives that could be completed.

Some of these projects could be pretty simple but make an immediate impact, such as getting some garden gravel bulk bags and replacing some of the stones or ravel. You can find them here at really competitive prices and with delivery straight to your home.


Upgrade the Windows and Doors

If you live in a home that does not have double glazed windows and doors, then this sort of thing is almost a “must” in todays property market. This is for several reasons. The first is around energy efficiency.

If a home does not have good windows and doors there is a risk of a draught which then impacts on the amount of heating required. The second reason is around noise. These sorts of windows and doors are brilliant in keeping the noise at bay.

The third is around security. In order to keep unwanted people from entering your home then the more secure the windows and doors the better the deterrent.

Although the improvement to these sorts of windows and doors can seem costly, it will definitely improve the value of the home.

Interior Design

There are many mini-projects that you could do to the internal of your home in order to make improvements. A lot of people will look to do this themselves rather than look to bring in a professional and some actually claim this to be therapeutic.

Some of these projects could include changing flooring in your home. A lot of people now are looking to move away from conventional carpets to wooden floor or tiles. Carpets can get work very easily and are a lot harder to maintain whereas flooring and tiles are a lot easier.

Other activities could include giving the home a good lick of paint and changing (or removing) wallpaper where it is old or not in tone with the room vibe. To take this to the next level, you could even employ a professional interior design specialist who do this for a living.

These are the sorts of people who kit out show homes for new build houses and entice people to purchase them. This is clearly a far more expensive option but one that could pay dividends.


Security System

Unfortunately, there are still people that look to break into homes and steal what others have worked hard for. One of the ways that you can deter this is by purchasing and installing a good

security system. This sort of system can definitely improve on the house value as people are looking to ensure the security of themselves and the home. There are many different options for this with simple motions sensors within the home to large CCTV systems and security lighting placed at key areas inside and outside the home.

These security systems are also not something that cost too much money to purchase or install.

Convert the Garage

Our new house has a converted garage and it’s now our home office. In the year 2020, a home office became one of the most wanted rooms. And we are so glad we now have an office within our old garage, which would have just become a dumping ground.

Usually, people do not store their cars in the garage and people will use this for storage (or mainly junk). In this instance, it, could be considered to convert the garage to another room which would definitely add value to the home.

This is not an activity that costs too much money (most people think that it would) and it is a pretty standard project. Getting electricity, heating and flooring to it can usually be done by the one specialist company. 


These simple things could add a lot of value to the home value if executed correctly and to a good quality standard. Maintaining these changes and sustaining it to a high quality is also a must in order to maintain the increase in price.

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