REVIEW: Milton Keynes SnoZone

1964953_10154431272375088_9179794001699235968_nI’m a moderately competent skier, so a normal indoor slope session wouldn’t normally be that attractive an option – hitting the slopes in Val D’Isere seems like a much better idea.

However, Milton Keynes SnoZone impressed me – minus the beginning (which I’ll get to in a minute) the slope was really good!

They tell you to arrive about an hour before your session, unfortunately this may be enough for those that don’t have to try on six pairs of trousers because none of the hire salopettes fit. It was also quite busy at the desk with one member of staff, which made the whole situation one which I never want to repeat again. I am not fat, nor skinny, but then again what is a normal size woman?

Another annoying thing is that you are not allowed to have cameras on the slope. I realise this is in case they break, but skiiers should be allowed and do so at their own risk, rather than not being allowed to take mobiles on the slope at all. I could have taken better pictures, but cameras are not allowed inside and the glass in the cafe isn’t the best to see through.

My one last moan is lockers. They charged £1 to store your bags and kit, for you to not get it back at the end? A minor teething problem here, somewhat of a money making scheme in my eyes and one which is rather annoying when you end up going back to the locker several times, for your asthma inhaler (vital when needed) and for gloves. This unfortunate situation meant I lost £4 in the lockers simply as I wanted to open up my locker several times. I can imagine this would prove even more annoying for those doing a day session or a four-hour long session and wanting to havelunch or grab a drink half way through. I feel this is something that is not needed and could save members and users the problem of spending even MORE money.

However, reagrdless of the minor problems I was highly impressed with not just the slope but the overall facility and what is available inside of it. The SnoZone slope has is a great size and has a good variety to freestyle jumps and areas. You’re not restricted to sharing a slope with beginners like at some slopes, and even during the weekend the slope was quite quiet.

Even if it was busy in the café/social area – Peppa Pig was visiting apparently?!

I would highly recommend a visit for anyone who has not been before and even though I have never experienced a lesson on a manmade slope like MK SnoZone, I am told its good and seems the perfect place for an beginner to learn to ski or snowboard.

For beginners there is a dedicated slope which most Snowdomes don’t provide, which of course allows you the ability to practice without the concern for getting in anyone’s way and gives those more confident space to ski freely without knocking anyone over!

When I visited I was a little disappointed to see a few of the jumps offline, but it wasn’t an issue the width of their main slope being perfect for carving some nice turns on the skis.

A good day in all, without all the minor problems.


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