Making our own wallets at Kallfeldts Läder

Situated between Hestra and Gnosjö, the Kallfeldts Läder factory shop is a place we might have simply bypassed, had we not had a recommendation to stop by through my family friend. Kallfeldts Läder is both a leather shop, and factory, incorporating the traditional Scandinavian process of creating products from leather for use. Read all my posts from Sweden here.

Kallfeldts Läder was founded in 1989 by Birgitta and Göran Kallfeldt, both with many years of experience in the manufacture of leather and leather products. Since 1990, they have produced leather items on-site, and also have a warehouse, office and shop in the old shirt factory at Norra Bruksvägen 5 in Nissafors.

Over the last 30 years, they have manufactured and delivered unique leather and leather products to a large number of satisfied customers, including the Swedish royal family.

Kallfeldts Leather sells and produces their own products such as key rings, wallets, pockets, folders, belts, aprons, mobile cases, visit card cases in calf and moose skins. Here you can also order special models of affordable leather products.

A visit to Kallfeldts Läder offers so much more than the shopping itself, you get a chance to experience the leather industry at a close range. In the workshop you get the opportunity to feel the original fabrics – Swedish moose, veil, reindeer and salmon, and if they have time you can even get a guided tour, alongside a workshop where you can make your own wallet.

Luckily because it was winter, the shop was very quiet, and Johan put on a workshop for us. We chose our colours and textures from some boxes on the side, and then set to work, glueing the sections together, before being let loose on the decade-old sewing machines.

The process was so much fun, and Theo especially loved getting his fingers dirty. We were super impressed with the end result, and overall we loved spending a few hours here with Johan.

Thank you Johan for making us feel so welcome!

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