HOUSE UPDATE // Our priorities [2021]

Now we have finally moved in, we are getting going with our house renovation. Our priorities for the house are 1. garden, 2. buying furniture and 3. changing the lighting.


One of the first things we need to do in the new house is paint! Every wall in the house is a lovely shade of magnolia and I want it gone asap. We plan on painting every wall in a crisp white and adding colour, via feature walls across the house.

I would love to add some warm blue tones to the living rooms, a terracotta colour to our dressing room/walk-in wardrobe and a rich dark grey to our bedroom. Adding colour is really important for me as it can totally change the atmosphere in the room. 

I will also be adding lots of texture and furnishings to each room, to add depth to go alongside the colour perfectly.


Get Garden Storage

One of the most annoying things when we moved into our new house, was to realise we didn’t have a shed or any outside storage. So we ended up with all our garden tools, equipment and plants in the kitchen.

Garden storage can often be thought of as quite a singular thing, suitable only for storing tools and other agricultural-related objects.

However, garden storage can be incredibly versatile. If you do things right here, you can end up creating a diverse outdoor area that not only frees up room elsewhere in your property but also gives your garden a unique, exciting look.

The options are plentiful here, and there are so many routes you can go down and explore.  

For example, you could invest in wooden, metal, and plastic garden storage. Each product from Shedstore comes with its own aesthetic, giving distinct visuals and identities to each of their offerings. Whether you’re going for a modern approach to things or gunning for a rustic vibe, Shedstore has storage units that seamlessly slot into any scene you’re hoping to set.


Be aware of where you want everything

A tidy home is on everyone’s wish list but making such a thing is reality can be complicated… unless you’re utilising storage!

If you only have one storage solution, then what you have is more akin to a bin than a useful unit. This is because the area just becomes some undesirable corner to dump everything that gets in your way, and if you need to find these things later on, then good luck going through it all!

Clutter and mess follow on soon after from these kinds of behaviours, so spreading out the storage is just a great way to stay tidy and organised. That’s how versatile your garden arrangements can be!

Change the lighting

We have some old school lighting around the house which reminds me of my grandma’s house so that’s one of the first things we need to do!

While setting the mood and tone of your property, pay close attention to the lighting. You should consider investing in some elegant, decorative fixtures that enhance the ambience of your room.

If your blinds or curtains block out natural light, then now might be the time to change them. Choose window dressings that not only look great but also keep the heat in during winter too. This can help you to save money on your energy bills.


Swap every light switch and plug socket

This one might sound off, but the people that renovated our house before we moved in, added white plastic light switches and plug sockets to every single room. The really basic looking and cheap-feel products, which for us, really lowered the luxury of each room so I found the amazing brand Elesi and we bought A LOT of switches and sockets with the aim of changing every single one in the house. 

We have opted for the Lieber Black Nickel Sockets and Switches from Elesi as they offer great value for money, but with a premium feel. The design is a metal fronted black nickel and black sockets with high quality and affordability.

We have just installed all of them and I love how they’ve transformed the house! We had 28 plug sockets to change and 14 light switches, so it did take some time but I love the end look and feel.

What are the first things you did when you moved into your house?!


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